May 19, 2008

Home again!!!

Road Trips are wonderful but its so tiring coming home isnt it....??
we got back early evening but I ended up staying up late doing loads of washing, making sandwiches for lunch, packing up library books ready for return....dont you wish everyday was a holiday!!

I will be posting my 'This is...' post later on in the week! ive got a few emails to return too and lovely blogs to visit too...
See u soon!!!

* images are Kate Spade
ads - I adore all their ad campaigns*


  1. I agree-it is always nice to come home!The images are gorgeous.

  2. I also just returned late yesterday from a girls' weekend away and there was all that and more waiting for me too...I wasn't in the house long at all and it was time to start dinner. Oh well, it's a trade off I guess. Hope you had a fun time away.

  3. Yes, my bed always feels the best upon returning home. Even though I've enjoyed a visit somewhere, always good to be home.


  4. me too...oh and k.s. ads are the best!


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