May 14, 2008

To school.....

ive got my first parent/teacher interview at Peter's school today!
im SO exited!! i have a few questions to ask but he is only in Kindergarten,,,, haha i need to loosen up ....

i just want the best for my boys -like any parent really, we just want them to thrive and be happy yeah?!!
he's so keen to go to school - i love that!!

I havn't really pushed the boys into extra activities yet -we do swimming lessons once a week and Peter plays soccer too but in our
crazy busy busy world i want them to have time to just be kids - time to play, imagine, draw & explore their little world...when we're at home I shoo them out into the garden - somedays they whine that they just want to watch cartoons - most times they just wrestle each other on the couch but thats fine too...its all fun!

Vintage Piggy image sent to me by Gillian
Vintage Greek book from my own collection


  1. Your post reminds me of when I had just the 2 boys and they were about 3 and 5....those were very happy, carefree years and they did have ALL the time they wanted to be kids without are doing right by your boys not to overbook them....Thanks for the memory.

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Hi Anastasia! thanks for your message. I had a great birthday dinner! take care. Laurence

  3. Anastasia:

    So smart to just let the boys be. They'll be bogged down with schedules soon enough. My little 7 y.o. {who has quite a mind of her own} has actually told me she'll only commit to two scheduled days of after school activities...she said she needs her other days "free". I love her for knowing what she wants and making it oh-so-clear for the rest of us.

    Enjoy your little cuties. :)

  4. Anonymous8:11 PM

    ah yes... the wrestling on the sofa...

    we have a lot of that!!

  5. oh how did the interview go Anastasia? I'm with you on letting them just be kids while they can be. We don't do the extra curricular stuff just yet, I am sure it will all happen when he works out what he wants to do and when he is in school. Until then, enjoying them is wonderful isn't it?! we don't get a chance at it again so it's great to be able to enjoy it now. It's so sweet your son wants to go to school, I didn't realise our boys are the same age/year level! We'll be going through the sadness of them going to school at the same time, only they will both be loving it I bet!

  6. Anonymous8:53 PM

    You sound like a great mother, I love that you let your boys be boys, it's the best way to raise them. Have fun at the parents teacher evening.


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