May 10, 2008

a lovely day + 6 things....

a great start to the weekend....a good hearty breakfast to start the day...i love breakfast especially when you have time to really enjoy it! eggs with tomato and asparagus on yeast free bread yummo!!!

Did you see the post by Decor8 about Australian design and blogs! yay for the Aussie love!! she even mentioned my exciting!
i love Holly's blog - so much inspiration and new discoveries!

i found this small floral plate last week at the Old Wares pretty! its in my bedroom now keeping some bracelets tidy ....I also scored some vintage children's annuals and a gorgeous illustrated Dictionary from the 40's!!

recently I got tagged by
My two cents
and Kitty's Caboodle
ive done this a few times, im running out of things to say about myself but here goes

* My favorite chocolate bar is a 'Peppermint Crisp'...oh and its better when slightly melted
* I cant drink soft drink(Soda) straight out of a can, it has to be in a glass or with a hubby laughs at me but I think im going to choke...i just cant!
* Sometimes I find being a mother many choices to make...will they be the right ones?
are my parenting skills OK? am i too strict? do they watch too much TV? (probably)...will the sugary cereal make them hyper - what if they wont eat anything else? its too much sometimes...i try to do my best!
* My latest purchase is flannel pyjamas (yes, i buy my own mothers day presents)
*I hate talking on the phone....especially about nothing really important...a time waster!
* i have freckles!

oh and im currently making a scarf....saw this post on Cath's blog
ordered the pattern and realised I have a similar one that Marianne emailed me a while back... oh well... its pretty easy so far!


  1. yum, that breakfast looks soo good! happy mother's day...and i'm sure you're choices will turn your boys into wonderful little guys! congrat's on your mention on holly's blog and loved your illos. from yesterday...

  2. Hi Anastasia, happy mother's day! Love the plate and, mmm, melted peppermint crisp, must try that! Thanks for the Decor8 link too, although it seems she listed everyone around here except for little ol' me, oh well! Sob!

    Allison x

  3. thanks for sharing, I do love your litle plate.

  4. I love the scarf! I can't wait to see the finished product. The shade of purple is beautiful!

  5. Your scarf is looking good. I like the wool you have chosen. It looks thicker than what I used. I have started on another one for a friend now. I really like the pattern.


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