May 23, 2008

This is.... how I recycle
We always separate our rubbish - we have 3 huge garbage bins from our local council so that makes it easy, they also arrange large item pick ups by appointment!

I donate a lot of my boys clothing to the local salvation army as well as offer them to friends who have boys younger than my own.

I also use groups to off load any unwanted items - ive given away a TV, a bed mattress and Neo's baby cot...there is always someone who might need something!

I also like to keep tags off clothing - ive collected these from christmas gifts, birthday gifts and general purchases throughout the year...a lot of thought goes into branding and the tag papers are nice and thick so perfect for some altered art fun!!
Ive got plans for this 'Alice Temperly for Target 'tag!!
stay tuned!!!

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  1. Hello,
    All the bits finally arrived! yay.. could you invoice me or let me know how much and also how much again I paid for the bits? ie the tags, are they in a set of 4 and the journals etc... i lost your email! dah..
    Tanya x

  2. You are a great recycler! Thanks for the freecycle link-I had never heard of it before and have just registered.

  3. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Miss A!!! I wish we had such an organized recycling method... We compost and such... In our own country way :))) HUGE hugs!! xoxo

  4. What a cool tag! Man, can't wait to see what you do with it.


  5. The Alice tags look so cool!


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