May 1, 2008

A week of Vintage Australiana : Books
Im enjoying the Vintage Australiana posts over at Pips
here is my next post.....

From my vintage stash I have a 1958 edition of 'The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill'
i found it a book fair in the 'clearance' section for $1.00 - what a bargain! its leather bound and beautiful!!!

I also have a few vintage school readers - the illustrations are adorable! Peter gets a new school reader every week and I love our reading sessions every night but I must admit the books these days are no way as cute as these....

the story of Mrs Kangaroo....and 'Teach and Learn' cute is that knitting girls illustration!!!


  1. Cute books and that Easter food looks yummy.. I remember the Sullivans but I much preferred 'Sons and daughters'.. do you remember that?

  2. I adore Blinky Bill. My favourite though is Dot and the Kangaroo...remember the movie?
    It was a combination of filmed scenery with animation in it.

  3. oooh..i love the vintage illos. so simple and sweet!

  4. ohhh Yes...Sons & Daughters...we were addicted to that too!!! haha Pat the rat...waSnt she awful?!
    and yes I do remember Dot & the Kangaroo, the movie was so sweet!!

  5. Anonymous10:52 PM

    The Blinky Bill collection sounds like a wonderful find. Great books.


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