June 21, 2008

How to build a house....

frantically trying to finish my itty bitty (teeny tiny 4inch) houses for a swap ...30 all up!!

we could have made one then printed the rest but no, no i had to do it the hard way and make 30 individual ones....ughhh! i need to have them ready and in the mail Monday....wish me luck!!!
i always leave things to the last minute!


  1. I wish I could help you. They are going to be adorable!

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Hi, Sweet Anastasia! I totally understand where you're coming from...I also didn't make copies...doing it all by hand too...all 30 trims and embells...every lil' piece of paper...(It's going to be AMAZING...my mantra to keep me going...hee-hee) I'm in the production stages myself and your photos are simply beautiful...(your creative space looks just like mine but neater...hee-hee) Love the colours and design of your lil' houses...can't wait to see the final product with all the trims and embells-you always come up with the most beautiful creations!!! Good luck, sweet Anastasia as the midnight oil will be running for the next couple of days-for the both of us...(as I too have to create during the wee hours after my lil' munchkins are off to dreamland...plus my goal too...Monday to be totally complete...)xoxo jo ;)

  3. they are so sweet...and originals are so much better than copies....so you made the right choice...keep pluggin' away !!

  4. You might still have some work ahead, but they are already looking pretty! You'll make it!

  5. Sorry, but when I do swaps, I almost always copy. You have my sympathies Dearie! They are cute as can be.

  6. They're looking lovely! Good luck!!

  7. Oh my goodness 30 houses, I'm sure they will all be adorable.

  8. Hope you are nearly done-they look really cool-great job!

  9. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hi, Sweet Anastasia! Your houses turned out soooooooo SWEEEEEEEEEET! Love the door knobs, the colours, the lil' gal in the window...just EVERYTHING!
    Well, it's Monday and I have to say that I'm finally DONE!!!!! I was worried lastnight that I wouldn't be able to finish them...the stacks were overwhelming...but today I was the lil' energizer bunny. Whew!!! I'm off to enjoy a lightening bug festival at the park with the lil' ones...tomorrow I'll take some pics of my lil' houses and try to post it...hey, that'll be one great b-day gift for myself as I've totally forgotten my b-day is tomorrow...and then they'll be off on a plane to Calliflowergirl and hopefully it will arrive around Friday...xo Jo ;)

  10. I totally missed this one...so sorry .I think you are a trooper for doing it all yourself!Looks absolutely gorgeous.I musn't look too long at them because then I am leaving my laundry bag and iron stash and start making one myself!


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