June 17, 2008

this and that....
Nothing much to post about lately.....its been very cold in Sydney, warm tea anyone?

My friend Tammy left on Saturday, she had a great time and even got to visit Cairns (I havnt even been there yet... )
...we had such a fun time with her here & we chit chatted over way too many coffees and chocolate!
Friday night was a late night out ...i havnt been
out on the town so often in such a long time, we even went to see 'Phantom of the Opera' which was lovely!

sometimes its easy to get holed up at home and you forget there is a whole world out there partying & socialising ...im such a homebody though...but it was fun to make the effort & to dress up!!

ive been busy trying to finish THIS
swap...i got a lot of it done last night and plan to craft more tonight... Hmmm what else??...
I need to do my contribution page for
Fantazya's 2009 Diary - anyone with a blog or Etsy shop can contribute...worth doing, still lots of dates available - check it out!

On the music front Ive been bopping along to Miley Cyrus' latest song...the kid is only 15! haha... and a huge Disney star but music is music...its quite a catchy song and I like it!
Im also currently enjoying 'Big Love' a series based on Polygamy...i suprise myself sometimes and even more so as I sympathise and feel for this large family.....and
Chloe Sevingy is stylish even in prairie outfits!

I'll leave you with a wonderful photo by Simply Photo
that makes me dream of chirping birds and sunny weather to warm the bones!

* top image via Pillpat (on Flickr)


  1. Cool stuff. You're in full flight crafting and drawing mode. Tell me more about the Itty Bitty Book Club. I had a quick look, but couldn't quite get what was being done. Maybe I need to go back and have a better explore of the group.
    I also love the 2009 diary project. I'll have a squizz at that too. I so get the bit about wanting a reason to dress up and go out. I feel like I am just waiting for the sunshine to come back. I never got Daylight Slaving - my name for it - but now, I think, I am starting to appreciate those extra hours of daylight, I just don't understand why it doesn't happen in winter.

  2. Hi!!!!
    Cold in australia????are you kidding???wow it really blew my mind when I read it.I love the picture of the summer bike ride.I am sending you a big warm hug and hope it warms you up a bit!♥

  3. i love this pretty pic! so summery! :)

  4. I've seen that photo before and I love it!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!

    It's not too cold here though we have had some cold nights but day is usually pretty good =)

    That swap your in sounds fab! And so does that contributing page. Great work!

    Looking forward to the day you open a shop =)

  5. sending you lots of warm sunshine!

  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Oh yes, Chloƫ Sevigny is stylish whatever she wears + love the pic by Jen of Simply Photo (that dress is gorgeous)!


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