June 24, 2008

Ticking off the 'To do' list

Houses are finished and on their way...its Tuesday here but still Monday in the USA so I met the deadline haha...lets hope Australia Post deliver them safely and on time!

both my boys are sick with the flu so we've all had very little sleep in our household...its hard hearing them cough all night long and not being able to do much!
I couldnt even have the day off to look after them as work is extra busy this time of the year...thank goodness for their grandmothers, what would I do without the extra support!


  1. Your houses turned out darling. I love the doll in the window. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Isnt it an awful time of the year for sickness?! Mine have it too, sniffles and coughs everywhere! We love grandparents too! x

  3. Such beautiful work, looks like a lot of it! Hope everyone gets well soon.

  4. Those tiny houses are stunning. I'm sure the owners will be pleased.

    I hope your boys get better and that there will be rest for the whole family xo

  5. the houses look great...

    we are battling summer colds here as well...yuck....my youngest missed his entire last week of school !! Hope your household heals quickly....

  6. Oh wow what a great idea these houses!I love them....I missed this totally.Were you involved in a swap??I will scroll down your blog now and see what I missed!cute!hope your kids are going to be well again soon!!xoxo
    PS still can not get over what a gorgous stunning woman you are!

  7. Your collage work is really fabulous. The houses look great.

  8. the houses look great anastasia! and hope your boys are feeling better! xx


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