July 24, 2008

So whatever happened to those cute little dogs that would hang out on the arms of the A-list celebrities...guess they're been replaced by babies...
everyone's having them in celebrity land but i must admit it beats the 'off to rehab/overdose/affair' gossip headlines
and I was really giddy with happiness for
Nicole Kidman and Keith when they announced the arrival of their new little bundle of joy...even better was two close friends of mine had their babies last weekend - they were due 22 days apart and ended up having their bubs two days apart - freaky or what??
it makes my ovaries ache with cluckyness....which comes back to the question that I get asked a lot and that I think about a lot too...will I try for a third?
ive written about this before and I think about it much more than I say...but I really would love another little one in my life...
Andrew suprised me the other day by saying if we moved homes we could have another baby and thats the first time he said 'maybe' ...its always been a firm 'no more kids' for him.

Im not very good at the stay-at-home mum role and somedays I even struggle with my current part time work/mum /home-maker role too and I know deep down that the reason I want a third is to have a baby girl....thats kind of selfish isnt it?
im just being honest ...I love the idea of having a little girl....then I have my 38th birthday coming up in 5 months time and I think Im not really ready right now but then will I miss out if I dont?
So much to think about huh....
off to make some warm tea...its freezing today!
* Images
Kate Moss + Leila Grace
Yasmin Le Bon + Amber
Audrey Hepburn + Sean


  1. It is a lot to think about. I hope the answers come to you when you need them.

  2. Yep, lots to think about...it's such a big decision to have children. With one little girl at the moment, we're planning on having two. But there are some days that I feel I could have five! And then other days where one will do just fine!

  3. Imagine a future life ahead with 3 boys. That isn't a bad thing but it's not a little girl.

    It is a big decision and I would talk to people (women people mostly) who are in their 50s with a preteen. It will give you some perspective as to what that is like.

    And then...I love to day dream that one day i will be a working Illustrator.

  4. I love the photo with the curlers. So sweet. What an exciting contemplation for you. I wish I had another one, but at the time, two seemed like plenty! I was lucky to get one of each.

  5. Hello!

    I too am the mother of two boys... a teenager and a toddler. There are days that I know that two is enough... but then I see images like the ones that you have shared here... and I get a little longing... There's just something about the joy of new life... and the beauty of children!

    Thanks for sharing
    and thanks also for your very kind comment!


  6. Good luck with your decision-a little girl would be lovely but so would another boy!! Love the mum baby celebrity photos.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    You have me rolling on the floor laughing with 'ovaries ache with cluckyness' :) I think you would do great with a daughter! love the curlers pic too.

  8. Hi, A, I 100% totally know what you're going through, same here! Be brave!

    Allison xx

  9. Lots to think about here....I had two boys and then knew I wanted a third child....secretly hoping for a girl of course (hey, I had that girl name all lined up and never got to use it :) .....then at 38 ( and 4 miscarriages later) we welcomed our third boy....and he is the light of my life....my little buddy and I can't imagine life without him. It's a big decision, but you'll come to the answer that is right for you....sometimes you just need to listen to your soul for awhile and the answer will become clear.

  10. Gorgeous photos.
    I don't have any children and don't plan to, however I am the youngest of three with two older brothers. I consider myself so so lucky as we all get along so well. My Mum and I have a special bond too, so I can understand you wanting a daughter.
    A friend of my mother's decided to try for a girl and got triplet boys!!! Aye aye aye!
    Good luck with whatever you decide. It is a big decision.

  11. Well, if you keep looking at photos of fantastic have-it-all women and their beautiful babies, of course you're going to want to have another...and another and another! :-) Love the pics! Good luck with whatever you decide. If it's meant to be, it will happen, and I know you can handle it (and more)!

  12. I hope you come up with an answer soon. You know how I feel about the baby thing at the moment, I want one so badly and hopefully will get my wish in the not too distant future.

  13. I always, alawys, ALWAYS wanted a little girl (we are lucky enough to have a boy & a girl) & I would probaly be thinking the smae way if we had 2 boys...

    Most days I am quite sure that I couldn't have a 3rd child, but then sometimes I wonder... I am not really sure if I am done. And after a recent holiday with the 2 of them I wonder if we would ever left home again if we had another!!

  14. Hi Anastasia! Someone once told me that you'll never, ever regret having kids, but it would sure suck to regret not having kids when it's too late......and then I also heard that the odds are more likely that you'll have another boy (or girl if your first 2 were girls)......

    Good luck! Love the photo's!

  15. Love the photos you chose, but definitely a lot to think about but . . .

    And thanks for your comment :)


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