July 18, 2008

Colour Combinations

i was so inspired by the Pink and Gold images from
Martha Stewart
....Just beautiful!
Her magazine layouts are always a stand out with subtle but striking colour...
so here is my latest page from my clippings book...all inspired by warm golden pinks....

other colour combinations Im currently loving

*Smokey Blues + pale grays
*Dark Purple + Teal
* Lilac + pale yellow

What colours are inspiring you right now?


  1. I love that pink and gold china - I always imagine it with macaroons.

  2. Strangely.. I felt inclined to watch all of the Wiggles with Leo Sayer! hahaha.. very good..
    btw.. a magazine asked for a sewing girl/boy book for their shopping pages.. It's the cool UK Junior mag, the best kids mag in the UK.. so I will keep you informed OK.. hope you're well xx

  3. Dark Purple and teal sounds just lovely-like your collage very much:)

  4. lately is all about pastels for me. love that page in your sketchbook!
    and also loved your happiness list. how was mamma mia?

  5. I love this!!!I am always happy with anything pink and agree that gold is a supurb color to go with that!Love martha!i just found out she has a blog and commented.WOW didn't know I could actually do that!!!thank you!hugs Dees

  6. Pink works well for me and deep deep red. Always love a good magazine to inspire... and blogging too!
    Hope you have had a lovely week-end.

  7. Bright solid colours are doing it for me at the moment. Especially pink and orange.

  8. They are lovely colour combinations. I am a little more dark. My ma found me a velvet dress with burnt oranges and vivid blood reds on a black/dark chocolate brown backgeround and it's all the colours that I am drawn to at the moment.

  9. I agree - pink and gold is such a lovely combination! So many colors inspire me, but I have always been drawn to violet and black.

  10. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I would love to see more of your scrapbook, the page at the bottom is fab (pink and gold is so perfect for a wedding).


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