July 22, 2008

A Creative Mess....
my craft corner is one complete mess right now....its the only way i can create though as for me its 'out of sight out of mind'

i try so hard to have things set up in a certain way but when im making stuff, paper and ephemera scrap are lying around in such a state for days...its embarrassing if someone suddenly drops by and it drives Andrew nuts haha... but if I pack things away i tend to lose that creative energy!
Im almost finished my 'Vintage Prom' itty bitty page swap ...this time i made two small collages ( itty bitty small) and then had them printed but that was a complete disaster as they didn't print the correct size...sigh!!! i should have just made original ones....
this is the front

and the back - getting ready for the big night!

We call them 'Formals' here in Australia and I must say they are a low key function compared to the ones we see on American movies and TV shows....well they were in my time...now days they are forking out big bucks for designer gowns, car hire and professional hair & makeup....

I'll leave you with some fun 'Vintage Prom' Americana images found via google
* Norman Rockwell's - After the Prom
* Saturday Evening Post front cover


  1. I just love this last image. When i see my mom's old prom pics, I get so bummed that she didn't save her fancy frocks. Formal dresses of that era were so fabulous!

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I know what you mean about messy crafting areas! It drives my family nuts too, but if I can't see everything at once how can I tell which fabrics go together?

  3. Love your salute to vintage proms....

    and really enjoy seeing those Norman Rockwell images...always one of my fav artists...I did a thesis on him for art class once...so long ago I barely remember it :)

    would love to get my hands on one of those vintage prom dresses one day :)

  4. Your prom ladies look gorgeous!

  5. I love your collage work so much. I can't wait till you have a shop one day and your goodies are available for all to enjoy.

  6. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Your cards are beautiful, you always know the correct images to use (ditto on the messy = creativity) :)

  7. I wish proms, yes, they're starting to call them that here, were a little deal. Our now 17-year-old had a $1000-an-hour stretch hummer to get her to her YEAR 10 formal. She paid for it, along with nine friends. There was no way we were forking out for such celebrity wanna-be crap. It was overboard. The dress, the celeb hair extensions, the make up, the photo shoot. Insane!

  8. That's nothing. You should see my craft room! It's crazy messy. It shows that we have creative minds.

  9. i love that Post cover - so sweet!


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