July 28, 2008

This is.... a glimpse of my weekend away

i love Winter getaways... slow leisurely days, hearty comfort food, warm clothes, lots of tea & coffee breaks as well as sticky pudding treats...we had a great time and were super lucky with gorgeous weather!

We tasted some great wine and beautiful dessert wines too and then we moved onto beer samples - cant wait to organise a dinner party so we can try our new purchases!
after a long day at the wineries we girls went to the Hotel's spa for body massages - heavenly time out..(note to self: try to get more pampering time!)
the whole weekend was a little over-indulgent but once in a while thats OK!
here are some pictures I took...you can see the picture details on my Flickr page
its was good to come home to our little boys...we missed them and they us...and lucky us - we got home just before a freakish hail storm hit Sydney!!


  1. Dessert wines are my favourite. Delicious. I love your mosaic. I'm all in favour of more pamper time. Yes please.

  2. How wonderful for you. I love romantic getaways. The wine countries are incredible. We love Napa Valley in California.

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic getaway. They are the best to get away and recharge.
    And of course you were glad to get back to your boys.
    Good thing you missed the hail storm!

  4. Yah for you. I agree. More pampering time would be great wouldn't it? The pics look great. You had much better weather than I did. I love that light. I came home through snow. Very surreal.

  5. It looks perfect! :)

  6. oooh! how nice. lucky you indeed :)
    A little bit of indulging oneself always makes you appreciate others more. You're right it's something we whould all do a little more of.

  7. That looks and sounds like a fabulous weekend away. You're right too, winter getaways are the best.

  8. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Everything looks so perfect, yes to more pampering time!

  9. What a beautiful weekend right down to the pampering at the spa.

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos.

  10. Hello my dear Anastasia!
    Your weekend winter getaway sounds and looks so great.
    Just up my alley ~ good food, drink, company in such beautiful surroundings!
    Have a happy day ~ xo Kali

  11. looks like a fun weekend! :)


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