September 9, 2008

Books, books glorious books

every now and then I get into a crazy book buying starting to feel it coming on again!

i much prefer heading into a book shop than any other store...well i do love pharmacies and supermarkets too (but that should be saved for another post...)
bookshops, modern and large or small and pokey always have a calm feel and you can take your time looking without having anyone bother you - perfect!
I also love my local library although its been a while Ive visited ....
If we were to ever renovate a home ( we're thinking about it), I dream of having a huge built in bookcase set up...that would be nice huh?!

So what are you all reading right now (apart from blogs that is....)??

Im currently reading

Eurydici Street - i love reading stories about travel and living in a new city!
Tim Walker's photography books are on my Christmas Wish list (so pricey but its nice to dream) ...his image of the book obsessed lady in this old 'Blumarine'
fashion advertisement is just fantastic!

Top by Ellen Von Unwerth
Next two from Australian Vogue
Bottom Blumarine image by Tim Walker


  1. We have similar plans to build floor to ceiling bookshelves, with a custom made desk, in what will eventually be our study.

  2. I'm reading 'Encounters With Qi' to learn a little more about Chinese Medicine and its introduction to the Western world. Prior to that I just finished the Friday Night Knitting Club which was fun. I love books too. I never read nearly as many as I buy. I agree with you about bookshops too - they are such wonderful spaces.

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    FUTURE PLAN !!! Take a whole week off to curl up in bed and read!!!
    In Another LIFE ...I'd love to be a librarian ! IN this LIFe ... I would love to own a children's bookstore!
    Love the pics and love that whole Vogue ... the Collector shoot is great!

  4. I know the Vina food place at Marrickville. A cheap and cheerful place that's always packed. I have a friend who lives opposite Stanmore Public School and I stay with her when I am in Sydney and we eat there. Love, love, love your neck of the woods. As for book shops. You're spoiled in Sydney. Newtown alone, Better Read Than Dead ... so many good spots. We have Dymocks and Angus And Robertson close by. Groan.

  5. Hey KatieCrackernuts - I grew up in Stanmore...on Percival Road actually!! love the area...

  6. My baby girl now sleeps in what was a library/study.. The only problem with those shelves... Big, fat, plump silverfish that had fattened themselves on those pages!

  7. Have been saving images for a book/reading post as well, and some of these, I haven't yet seen. Have been on a bit of my book frenzy as well lately -- only problem is, they're overtaking the place :)

  8. I love design books. ANY design books. Fashion (textiles, shoes, corture, whatever), graphic design, fine arts, architecture, interiors, landscape design, environmental design (including hardcore technical engineering type books). And of course, garden design and anything relating to plants or permaculture.


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