September 19, 2008

Loving Fridays...

having a great day so far...been busy baking and giving my oven a workout as Pip is hosting a week of 'Vintage Baking'
so stay tuned for some pics and recipes soon!

Im getting totally inspired by colour!
I saw
'The Darjeeling Ltd'
recently and totally loved the quirky story...the beautiful colour in all the scenes was a real inspiration...ive also got the Marie Antoinette
DVD lined up to watch - can you believe I have yet to see it? I think Im the only one.....
Im taking part in a Marie inspired collage book swap so need to get some ideas!?

Top by Polly Wreford
Middle from Conde Nast
Bottom - Smarties for my morning tea treat (naughty)


  1. I thought about eating smarties yesterday, like you do xx

  2. I haven't seen it yet either. I've even managed to hire it from the video shop and not get around to watching it. So silly.

    Those smarties look delicious.

  3. I was so surprised by how good that movie was! Such stunning color, a little bit quirky and Jason Swartzman, Love!

    Glas you like your purple bits and pieces!

    Hollie xx

  4. Nope, I am also yet to see it! I did see The Darjeeling Ltd - it was a great film, I thought.

  5. is a smarty like an m$m? love the colours!
    i haven't seen the darjeeling ltd. and had forgotten about it, thank you for reminding me! i think the m. antoinette will inspire you, it inspired me when i watched it.

  6. Hi Anastasia - lovely colourful post! I saw The Darjeeling Ltd recently too, great film, I love Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson too much! Have you seen The Life Aquatic? that has gorgeous colours too.

    Allison xx

  7. oh, I LOVED darjeeling ltd!!! The colours on that train were soooo amazing!! and I agree - such a quirky movie - simply adored it. Plus, it has one of my FAVE songs on it - "where do you go to my lovely.."


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