October 25, 2008

Blogtoberfest - Day 25

Madonna's recent marriage crisis made me think of her book 'The English Roses' - i had a look on Ebay for the 1st book and found a copy for 99p...guess its that other Madonna book that is demanding big bucks....anyway it arrived yesterday and I really love the illustrations by Jeffrey Fulvimari
he's also featured in another book I have and love, 'The age of Feminine Drawing'
his girls are so colourful and his illustration style is very perky!! sweet!!

hope you're all having a fun evening...i just finished a load of ironing so ready to just chill!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Anastasia~Kalimera! Ive heard of Madaonna writing books but I have never seen one. Thanks for the info on the book. I was curious.At least neither one of them will be poor because of the divorce,LOL.I love the fashion drawing in the other book. I usually like to sketch fashion photos once in a while.~~becky

  2. I'd forgotten about this book. too cute.

  3. I always loved the illustrations in that book as well.


  4. You iron?!!! Oh boy....I got a few pieces that you could iron for me! [kidding]

    Your Blogtober fest is fabulous!!

  5. really like those illustrations!
    happy blogtoberfest, my friend!

  6. Yeah, they are really cute and sweet!

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Hi Anastasia,
    I love the drawing in the book too - have a look at my blog when you get a chance - I love girl drawings too and have a series called Girls will be Girls (GWBG). Take a look at my "More pretty, girly things post".
    PS I hope your son is okay now


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