October 2, 2008

Super tired....

Is so hot and humid today!

Ive spent the past two days in town attending taxation workshops - thats enough to fry your brain dry!! I sometimes miss not working in the city centre but when you're commuting on trains with no fresh air, trying to fight your way through crowds of people (all on their way somewhere...???) its not pleasant...imagine doing it everyday, what a bore!

My house looks like a bomb hit it...but im not bothered for house work...its take away Thai dinner tonight and chill out time afterwards! Tommorow I plan to spend the whole day with my eldest boy Peter who is on school holidays - we're going to catch a bus since we dont get a chance to do that too often and go somewhere special together, the housework can wait...it wont complain!

the lovely Kathy is hosting Blogtoberfest - Im going to try (i'll do my best!!) to post something everyday in October...

Thank you ALL SO so much for your nice comments on my cards - it means a lot!!!

*image by Tim Walker


  1. yay for takeaway. I like your housework can wait motto....I've never heard it complain either!

    Hope you and your son have a great day out and about.

  2. Oh commuting in the heat is really awful!! But a day giving your son lots of attention is great!! hope you enjoy the time out together.

  3. Have fun with your son! I too hate battling crowds when it's hot.

    Love that pic. Tim Walker has some of the best photos! Hope you're able to post each day. I don't think I could keep up.

    Haha my room is a bomb I just can't be bothered to clean however much I want to =)

  4. Have a lovely day today. Slip, slop and slap, and yes, my housework can wait this week. My partner is painting and sanding and I can't see the point. It's the garden for me this weekend, and some markets. I give up. The teens have laid waste to the place and I'm knackered. I might just leave them and lay on the beach like they've done all week. (Can you feel the sneaking resentment ... what is the biological need for teens to be so utterly selfish?)

  5. Oh dear...hot already?

    Thai carry out is always a good idea I think.

  6. Taxation workshops!!!Yikes!!That sounds like torture to me! Hope you have a fun day out with your boy and the housework is just not important in the scheme of things!

  7. hope you had a lovely time with peter... good for you for taking the day off and the housework can definitely wait! :) xo

  8. Such a beautiful photo. It somewhat resembles the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor. But a little smaller.

  9. Anonymous4:45 AM

    What a beautiful image, I love your attitude to housework, indeed it can wait for quality time with the family :)


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