October 12, 2008

This is ...my current reading material

Thanks to 'My Champagne dreams'
for this week's topic....i find a great level of comfort in being surrounded by books, it drives Andrew crazy as he hates the clutter haha but i dont mind having stacks of books everywhere and I always have this pile around
My favourite papercraft books
*Vintage Paper crafts
*Collage Lost and Found
*The Foof-a- life
and two Craft help books,
*Craft Inc
*Crafting a Business
which I have yet to read - so little time!!

Im also reading 'Henry and the Clubhouse' by Beverly Cleary to the boys

....also on my bedside table is Jodi Picoult's
'My sister's keeper' and 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint.
Happy reading everyone, and here's to a great new week!!

for more This is....posts visit Angela's lovely blog!


  1. Hi Anastasia, what a surprise. :) Your page is gorgeous and I see we have a lot in common too other than being greek/australian. I have two sons and enjoy getting my fingers into a little bit of crafts.
    I need to follow your blogs too if you don't mind :)

  2. I love my piles of books too!!You have some lovely titles there:)

  3. ohh what a great stash of books!!!I don't know them but will surely look them up!thanks!

  4. These books look lovely. I love your blog. Your illustrations are heavenly. Carla x

  5. hi Anastasia, great choice in books....there are so many books, so little time :)

  6. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Great collection of books.Im not an avid reader but when winter comes I seem to get into reading more.Last book was " Chocolate for a Womans Soul"I thought maybe you were Greek Iam as well.Geia sou,Kalispera!

  7. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Oh arty is here tooooooooooooo.Wow its the Greek club hahahah.Kalispera Arty mou!

  8. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Books are very comforting!

  9. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Craft Inc. is on my to buy list! loving the cover of 'Henry and the Clubhouse'-and that you read children's books alongside craft ones :)

  10. Anonymous7:49 AM

    What a lovely selection of books! I love The Little Prince!

  11. ahh, the clutter of books is always a reassuring sign - a house looks empty without it.

  12. Those books look fabulous! I'm much intrigued by the craft books. Happy "this is" week to you!

  13. I also have piles of books around my place. It's funny though, I had just put them all away in time for my sister's visit.

    I'll have to check out a few of those craft books you have.

  14. Oh Anastasia, if you ever got to visit us you could just add your piles to ours. Himself is worse than I am, except he doesn't read magazines!

    btw, I have 4 collage books up in the studio to ...look at !

  15. I love that yellow on the book cover! "The Little Prince" is such a great book as well!

  16. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Piles of books are like old friends surrounding us.

    I used to read a lot of Beverly Cleary when I was little. I really loved "Socks" and "Otis Spofford." I bet the boys would like them too. Of course Ramona Quimby can never be beat.


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