November 19, 2008

Counting down...
6 days until my Peter turns 6!
11 days until his birthday party - invites sent but nothing planned yet!! Eeek!!!
32 days until Neo turns 4!
36 days until Christmas (is that right? cant be!!!)
43 days until a brand new year!!
43 days until my birthday....
62 days until our Summer holiday ( waaahhh...that still sounds SO far away - i need a break now!!)
ive had such a busy week so far and looks like the rest of the year is going to be non-stop with Christmas parties, Christmas picnics and my Uncle is even having a huge 60th in 3 weeks time!!
I hope to catch up with this lovely girl
soon as well before she leaves for the UK!
its going to be a busy few weeks ahead....
tommorow Im home so hope to catch up with you all on your lovely blogs!
now Im off to bed!
* image from Emporium magazine*


  1. oh i'm such a sucker for a vintage favorite holiday would have to be in a vintage airstream....oh i wish...
    hope you have a great time at your festive to LOVE christmas...

  2. Anonymous1:08 AM

    I always wonered if you had kids, LOL. Oh and 2 little boys.I raised girls.Some say boys are easier.I guess I missed out on that,LOL I will be wating for a grandson dont ask me what year though,aha.Oldest is getting married soon doesnt want any cause hubby has 3Youngest doesnt want any at all when she gets married .Have a great time during the birthday partys.

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Oh and that was wondered not wonered lol. Yes I do love Christmas as well. My favorite holiday.

  4. Yikes! The silly season has begun! Lots of fun celebrations coming up for you.

  5. It's nuts isn't it? I've given up with my attempts at sophistication (see Wednesday's blog entry) and am now flying by the seat of my pants. In fact, I am thinking of doing a Christmas letter drawing that suggests just that.

  6. What a fantastic picture!!! Let the Christmas madness begin! Your holiday will be here before you know it!

  7. That's such a great image!

    Wow, your countdown has me freaked out! I can't believe time is running by so fast!

  8. I absolutely love this picture and hope you enjoy all your loves parties and birthday. We are having an Italian Christmas in Puglia. Carla

  9. I love this post! What a wonderful idea...the countdown and the chaos it causes in your brain...
    May I use this idea on my blog?
    Good Luck,

  10. Oh, life on the road in a vintage trailer (caravan!)....lovely photo, lovely blog.

  11. Love your Helen Keller quote. So true. I totaly relate to the Helen Keller obession,,,I read every book in the library on her as a child. Love this blog and the images are awesome.

  12. Anonymous6:26 PM

    what a fun picture! and i love countdowns. though my favorite thing to do is make lists or calendars so i can cross things off. it's so satisfying!

  13. get ready to party! A lot happening over there....hope you have a lot of fun.

  14. my life sounds very similar! fiona's birthday is next sunday and i still have so much to do!
    love that image!


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