November 23, 2008

Food festive food....

Look who is planning Christmas menus.....I love baking and fussing during the
festive season!
i get so inspired by Con Poulos images,
he collaborates with
Donna Hay on her magazines and books
- everything always look SO good...
wouldnt it be great to work on a food
publication, im sure they get to eat it all afterwards - you wouldnt want to be counting calories ...
* all images
by Con Poulos


  1. Anonymous1:24 AM

    OMG that cake looks to good. Especially this early morning.LOL

  2. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Yum! That top images looks especially delicious! They are great photographs too.

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    OMG the top pic is GORGEOUS!! What an amazing cake and a super photo!

  4. I agree christmas menu planning is a lot of fun...I love flicking through the seasonal mags for inspiration this time of the year. Hmmm, what to make....

  5. mmmmmm, these look delicious! I love Christmas baking too.

  6. yum! and such beautiful photos! of course, i love anything donna hay, as you know.
    i am sure you are going to make delicious treats this christmas.

  7. Ohh how good does that look! Yum!
    We are having some really freaky summer storms hey. I'm glad they have stopped for the moment.
    Also I would love to have a coffee with you someday. Maybe when I go down south sometime =) I want to check out all these stationery stores.

  8. Hello Anastasis
    Found your blog by accident(smile) I looked around it and love your style. Keep up the good work.


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