December 11, 2008

6 things
Im trying so hard to get into the spirit of Christmas but must admit Im not feeling it (yet)...our tree is up, most of the gifts have been purchased and wrapped but I dont know what it is...guess Im just exhausted.
There's so much to do at work before the year is over that I come home simply shattered,
too tired to do anything...i need to write all my Christmas cards too - they've been on the table in a neat pile for days now...waiting for me (big sigh!)

the lovely Maisy tagged me for '6 things about me' but Ive done this a few times before so here are 6 things Im loving right now...

* Evian Water bottle designed by Christian Lacroix , i wonder if we stock these in Australia...pretty for the Christmas dinner table!

* Lacey party dresses - i adore lace so much that I think it deserves a post on its own!

* Christmas Cookie swap - that Martha! she always inspires me...

*thin Hammered silver bangles

*Pods (twix flavour)
warning: you cannot eat just one! impossible!

* Nerdy Chic - loving the large frame reading glasses...I had a pair very similar when I was 15 (mid 80's) but there was no way they looked that chic!

Evian Bottle from
Such Pretty Things
Cookies from Martha
Bottom Image - from my desktop, cant remember where I saved it from?!

oh forgot to add: I made more birdy tags - they are in the shop !


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Wow I love them all.Love the Evian bottle so different.Martha is always up with new great ideas.You and me both with lace.I have lace curtains all over my house.Love it on a crisp white blouse.Glasses Im not sure about them for me.I think muy oldest would look great in them though.Pods? Ive never heard of them til just now.Have a nice day!Im off to bed ,LOL.

  2. Cute bottles!

    This weekend try take some time out and do something christmassy. Go to Christmas market, go see christmas decorations/lights and have some mulled wine to get you in the mood :)

  3. true its hard to feel christmassy when the work is sooooo busy! To get me in the mood I like to eat decadent food. Oysters, smoked salmon, pate...yum!

  4. I love those glasses! I totally want some really pointy strict secretarial ones - no luck finding yet though.... :)

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I've seen those Evian bottles at David Jones food hall

  6. Anonymous10:39 PM

    oh i LOVE those glasses. but who looks this chic in them... sigh.

  7. Love that water bottle!
    Hope you get some rest on the weekend to recharge those batteries. I still need to send (well, WRITE) our cards too, LOL!

  8. Great list -- definitely the Evian and lacy party dresses. Hope you find the Christmas spirit . . .

  9. Girl, we are in the same boat. I'm just not feeling it either! Oh well, maybe next week will be better? : D


  10. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Hi Anastasia
    I can't believe that after wrapping it and putting it aside ready to post (stamps and all) they still managed to pack your book! I am sooo sorry but I will send it to you as soon as it is unpacked in the UK.Maybe we can call it a belated Christmas present? Take care, be in touch soon xx marianne

  11. Anonymous12:04 AM

    just wanted to let you know i think you're so lovely i've given you an award on my blog. come visit and pass it along if you'd like...

  12. My cards are sitting here too. This is the first time that I have worked fulltime in 17 years. Yikes! I don't know how working Moms have time for anything.

  13. i had glasses like that in the early 90s... they were definitely not that chic on me :)
    hearing you on the lack of time... can't wait to be done with all my work so i can just kick back and really relax and enjoy the season! i haven't finished a single gift yet so i am wondering if people are going to get new year's presents instead! :)


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