December 17, 2008

Street Style....

She wore a Raspberry Beret...the kind you find in a second hand store
(haha remember that song by Prince?)

I love looking at French street-style images...those French gals always look chic!!
I wonder if living in Paris would make you feel pressured to always look good, always be unique and super stylish?.

In Australia we're so relaxed about style...especially in Summer - loose dresses teamed with flipflops, sunnies, loads of sunblock and out the door you go!

Wouldnt it be great if the Sartorialist came down under
to shoot some street style,
I wonder what he'd think?
but its not about following trends is it - i think its all about confidence and developing a style that your comfortable still working on that!

Top image by The Sartorialist
Bottom two images by GaranceDore


  1. I do love these sites for how effortless the chosen people look in their get-up. I do wonder if there's as many bogans wandering around behind the photographers. I go to Sydney and there's always someone who makes you look twice, not so much for what they're wearing, but how they're wearing it.

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    i love street style sites as well! these choices are fabulous, especially that first girl. have you ever looked at they are my favorite because the people they choose are so creative with their clothes. they look chic, but also a little crazy. i like that!

  3. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I agree the first girl looks so cute.I actually have winter boots like she has on,LOL In California, they dont wear many clothes in the summer.LOL

  4. Oh I adore sites like this! I love how the people photographed look so natural and comfortable in their funky outfits!

  5. Facehunter came to Aus and visited Sydney and Melbourne...and was impressed by our efforts too. Maybe we should start a Satorialist petition to get a few Aussie correspondents :D

  6. I agree. It's all about finding your own style that you love. People who have a strong sense of style and wear it confidently always look great.

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    if u think aussies go casual come to sing where smart casual is shorts, t and sandals!! noone makes much of an effort, but I always try too including my jewellery....I love wearing skirts and lovely sandals and differnet bags of course....alot of stuff I make

  8. I love your style! Tres chic!

  9. Beautiful photos of stylish girls...think it's more difficult to be stylish in the heat...not sayin it can't be done..but it is harder!

  10. I think living in a cold place makes it easier to be stylish....someone said to me the other day (after returning from Europe) that in Australia the aim is just to wear as little as possible because it's too hot! I'm moving to the US soon so am looking forward to buying gorgeous coats and boots and scarves :)

  11. Well to dress and look like that in a cold climate you have to be godawful thin. Look at those chic, but stick insect thin legs on Mademoiselle Paris. So much of what we think of as stylish tends to have a lot of layers and bits. You're right that it doesn't work in a hot climate.

  12. Great style! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :) I love your blog!

  13. Anonymous11:10 PM

    The girl in the first pic, great accessorizing and the last top-cool!


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