January 28, 2009

Over Indulgence

After all the overeating during the Christmas festivities I had a little one on one with myself that Id try to cut back (a little), but a week on vacation means eating out all the time so Im feeling a little over-indulged right now.

I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and my evening dress just fits!
so its back to healthy eating, small quantities, lots of fresh stuff, lots of water

i mean figs, fresh from my parents garden are the most delicious things to eat - just pull apart in quarters and eat but no, no,no I had to have them with bread and mascarpone cheese, walnuts and a drizzle of honey...it did taste fantastic though!

Here is the recipe for the RoseWater Pudding
that I mentioned.
The traditional cypriot Summer pudding is usually made with just water, no milk but it kind of makes me feel like Im eating a Jelly fish so I add milk to mine!
80g rice or corn flour
1/3 cup caster sugar
1 Tablespoon Rose Water
550ml Milk
550ml Water

bring to the boil, whisk constantly until thick
pour into small bowls (makes 4-5) cool then refrigerate.
80g caster sugar
1/4 hot water
2 teaspoons Rose water
stir over heat until sugar has dissovled - cool
add syrup to 3/4 cup iced water
and drizze a few spoonfuls over
the pudding!
you can even add a little pink food colouring to the syrup if you like
It tastes better than it looks!


  1. oh fresh figs...oh course they taste soooooo much nicer with just a few added extras...yum...

  2. Yeh, I agree. I like the way you serve your figs. Just delicious.

  3. ...just loooove fresh figs...nice memories of eating them from a 'childhood' tree...

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I love fresh figs, but don't have them enough

  5. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Loveeeeee figs.I also love dates.

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

    these all sound oh so amazing! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Its 43 degrees here today!!! TOOOooo HOT! HELP!

  7. I love fresh figs too, but never see them around.
    where are they all?

  8. We have that same rose water at home - we used to use it for Turkish Delight Souffles! Those figs looked yummy and I'm thinking I'll have to give that recipe a go :) Thanks!

  9. beautiful recipes...yum! such wonderful combinations, very sophisticated!


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