February 15, 2009

Eye Spy - My Secret (Food) Shame

Peanut Butter
i know its extremely fattening but its ever so good isnt it?
its sweet and salty, sticks to the roof of your mouth
crunchy or smooth, either way its very statisfying!
i love it on toast with jam for a sticky, sweet breakfast
or mixed with nutella and smashed into frozen vanilla icecream, in cheesecakes, with banana or celery!

i made some peanut butter biscuits last night... a bit of problem because before I knew it I had eaten 5 of them fresh out of the oven!...
another food shame is Sardines but i think i will leave obsession for another blog post - inspiration can be found anywhere!
Thanks to Jade for this week's fun theme and to Cindy for hosting 'Eye Spy'.
*top image found via Flickr.com*


  1. Oh i love peanut butter. what yummy biscuits! have you tried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? They are awesome... love the sweet and salty! My peanut butter cravings have often inspired Kym when creating desserts for his menu :D

  2. Oooh - I love peanut butter too! Since I've been on a low carb diet I even eat it without guilt - and they make sugarless reese's cups now too. Yum!

  3. ?These look delicious. I like the peanut butter add too.
    I love peanut butter with pancakes, and on pizza crust. Yummy!

  4. I looove peanut butter. I can eat it straight out of the jar like it' yogurt....

  5. Yea, peanut butter makes a nice sandwich! Now im hungry..not sure about the vanilla icecream smash-up tho..

  6. Oh yeah!

    My absolute favourite quick breakfast is peanut butter and butter (essential) on english muffins.

    and my favourite quick dinner is satay chicken, made with LOTS of peanut butter. YUM

  7. Yum! Would never thought to have put it with ice cream, great idea!!

  8. Yum! Would never thought to have put it with ice cream, great idea!!

  9. Wow! You have lots of ideas to enjoy peanut butter!

  10. WHOAH! YOU are an innovator!!!!!!! :D

    I have never ventured to trying it in the dessert form. I'm humbled by your ingenuity!

    The sweetest I have it is with honey on an english muffin!

    Thank-you for sharing ;)

  11. mmm, peanut butter. We have the most yummy snack in Israel made from peanut butter - I wish they sold it here because I think Australians would love it. It's sort of like peanut butter in chip form :)

  12. I'm loving the icecream idea. That seems like a good way to minimise the actual quantity being consumed.

  13. Peanut butter is yum, we are having a big peanut butter scare over here these days so we have been avoiding it.

    O and TAG!



  14. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I love this picture !

  15. I Looove it tooooo!!! I have been in that weird mode about it, since all the tainted peanut butter scandals here...

    And even though Mister Lovee is still eating it straight out of the jar - I wait to see if anything happens to him before I have any ;) (Even though, supposedly the only thing affected are items that have PB in them (crackers etc) and not the PB in the jars)

    Oh, who knows... But I can't wait not to fear it anymore ;)


  16. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I love peanut butter cookies - especially my grandmothers. These look amazing.

  17. Anonymous2:45 PM

    mmmm....PB on wheat toast w/ a glass of milk...damned salmonella.

  18. i am a little weird when i comes to food {and probably other things too :}, i like peanut butter but i could live without it, what i cannot live without is dulce de leche, i use it in the same way you use peanut butter, on almost everything.


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