February 11, 2009

Its been a devastating past few days in Australia.

Ive been so upset watching the news, lots of tears but I cant switch it off,

stories of survival, courage, stories of local heroes, brave fire fighters and the devastated faces of people who have lost loved ones, their beloved homes, animals and properties ....181 people have sadly died and they expect this number to rise dramatically, over 5000 people without a place to rest their weary head... it makes me SO proud to be an Australian to see how the whole nation has come together to help those in need!

*the Australian Red Cross bush fire appeal has raised over $30million so far - click on the link to donate

*you can also help by
donating an item to sell or buying at Ozbushfireappeal Etsy shop, over 100 items to be listed so check back often - thanks to Etsy for allowing this to go ahead and the Etsy DUST team for co-ordinating

*you can also buy or bid on crafty items at the Handmade Help blog set up by Pip & Cindy

* The Stamping Queen is also offering 100% of all orders (until 18th Feb) will be donated

* Katie also mentioned on her blog that Girl Guides Victoria are accepting packed toiletries and toys
*im also offering 50% off all sales from 11th Feb to 18th Feb from my Etsy shop


  1. yes it's heartening to see people rallying to help..

  2. Wow that first photo is just so scary. I can't imagine... but you're right, it's great to see everybody pulling together and giving so generously.

  3. This is so sad indeed. Victoria is my home and I have many relatives there. I hope they weren't affected.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    OMG this is so sad.It reminds me of the one in greece and those in California as well.I hope they find the person or persons responsible Anastasia.God bless all of those people there.Its really sad to watch we have seen it on the news here in the States.Stay safe!

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    OMG the second pic is so adorable.I missed it.My eyes just focused on that fire and the sadness of it all.That pic is so touching.I never knew you could get up close with those koalas.Thats what it is right?

  6. i've been thinking of you. xx

  7. Thanks for blogging about this AC! Its so sad and the world needs to be aware of this!

  8. ohh how aweful.I cry with you.xoxo

  9. That's so sad. I think of you every time I hear it in the news.

  10. I have been thinking about you!
    I rember at 9/11 ,I felt that it was my duty to watch all the stories,you are being a good citizen. its what you can do to learn the names!

  11. Hi Anastasia, thanks for the note. You are fabulous to have raised so much money. What a wonderful help for those left without nothing. Thanks Carla x

  12. Hi Anastasia, thanks for the note. You are fabulous to have raised so much money. What a wonderful help for those left without nothing. Thanks Carla x

  13. my heart goes out to the victims, humans and non humans. i am praying for all of Australia and the brave men and women who helped during this tragedy. i'm also praying for the strength of those who lost loved ones. thank you for posting about this, it is our duty as mankind to all come together and be concerned and pray for one another. Australia will be in my prayers today. also, the second picture is so touching. i saw it in action on the news. i believe this little fellow had burned claws.i was so happy to see the fire man give him a drink of water. once again, God Bless Australia!

    God Bless,

    P.S. thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  14. That's so sad. It reminds me of when I was evacuated for a wildfire, the sky was the worst part, it was black. I hope you and your loved ones come out fine. God bless, and best wishes.

  15. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Melbourne Street Artists are coming together to raise funds via a live Auction, Raffle and Online Auction (75% of proceeds go towards Red Cross and 25% towards Help for Wildlife) www.streetartforashes.org

    Also we are still welcoming donations of artworks for the auction if you would like more info about donating one of your pieces feel free to email me at nicole_a_tattersall[at]yahoo.com.au


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