February 27, 2009

Loving Fridays....

its so sunny in Sydney today! im enjoying these last days of Summer.

A pretty average Friday today. Got a haircut and did some grocery shopping and my little Neo had his last toddler immunisation shots and he was so brave counting to 20 as the doctor went about his work...Neo was happily counting 15,16,17....and doctor had already finished so no tears or fears! too easy!

Today Im loving these floral faces...the top one was in my clippings pile torn from an old Vogue issue but I love this art print by Australian etsy seller Blossomnbird who paints directly onto fabric - a great effect and her illustrative style is adorable isnt it?!

Im a huge fan of Michelle Caplan's work as well, what she does with vintage ephemera is amazing! i have some of her prints already but love this girl called Betty too!

Have a lovely start to the weekend everyone! For more 'Loving Friday' posts check out Tinnie girl to see who is playing along!


  1. Lovely Anastasia! The top one looks really familiar and makes me wonder if I have it =)

    The weather has been quite nice here, sunny but not too hot.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sounds like some of my days. Lovely pictures.

  3. Hello Anastasia,
    I think my favorite is the last one. A familiar face, rather mysterious looking...
    thank you for stopping by my place. Domino Greece has stopped publishing earlier than the US publication. I think it was too foreign for the Greek market, too airy, not much earth element. That's why it scattered to the wind...Fenf Shui talking. Anyway, I am not lamenting or anything as it seems in the blogging community. I think it's more the insecurity it brings, knowing it came from a publishing giant. The Greek issue of Real Simple folded , too. We're born and bread housewives, it seems, no need for advice, this part of the world1
    Anyway, wishing you a healthy, loving, rejuvenating weekend with your loved ones. Stay safe.

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I love the first pic.So awesome.The second one as well...interesting painting on fabric.have a nice weekend Anastasia!

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I like these pics a lot!

    Have a great weekend Ace!


  6. Three very different pieces but all very appealing...

  7. These are really fun and inspiring. I may have to try something similar myself.

  8. Such lovely work, all.
    I am so longing for spring here. It took my husband 13 hours to fly home in a blizzard, a trip that should have taken 2 hours.

    But, I spent the time waiting on a new blog layout.

  9. These images are beautiful!

    La C.

  10. These are really beautiful. Lovely ideas are forming in my head :) YAY!

  11. Anonymous5:17 AM

    oh wow, i love these picks. especially that middle one. i am going right over the her shop...

  12. Enjoy the sunny weather-love all the flowery photos!

  13. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Blossomnbird's work is adorable, great idea painting directly on fabric. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Wishing Summer would arrive here in Canada...loving your Blog...am now an avid follower!


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