March 15, 2009

Eye Spy: Colour
You are what you eat.....
i took this photo a few months back.
After peeling a lychee for my little boy I noticed how beautiful the inside peel was, i dont think i had noticed it before!
Yesterday my dad gave us some pomegrantes from the tree in their garden.
i love pomegrantes...such a pretty fruit, gorgeous colour!
delicious too, spritz of juice in your mouth as you crunch ...yummy!
so some natural colours in my kitchen and good for you too!
For more Eye Spy posts visit Cindy's blog and thanks to Amity for this week's theme.


  1. Looks delicious, Love the colour!

    Mmhh, so juicy!

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Well ive never ate a Lychee,or Pomegrantes.Ive heard that pomegrantes arent o good.A few people have told me.Maybe it a taste in fruit you have to acquire.But yes what a lovely color.So they are crunchy like an apple with kinds of a juicy taste?They are very expensive here in the states ive seen them.Maybe i will try just one,LOL let you know.have a lovely sunday,oops Im sure its about over now.Best to you for the new week!

  3. oh these two fruits are delicious...both best cold from the fridge I say! And wow, how observant of you to notice the inside of the lychee skin! It looks amazing. I actually had to read what you had written before I realized what it was

  4. Add the red of rambutans. Hairy cherries we all called them.

    I usually don't eat the poms, but do you swallow the seeds?? (Isn't that how babies get in your tummy?!??!)

  5. Ooh they're so pretty colours! Pomegranates are a bit zingy for me - I love pomegranate molasses though, yum.

  6. These look tasty! I don't actually like eating either of them, but they still look delicious... :)

  7. Beautiful. The lychee skin is pearlescent like the inside of a shell. So pretty and yum too.
    Isn't nature wonderful?

  8. Anonymous12:55 PM

    great pic, love the textural look of it

  9. I have seen the colour of lychee but never took much notice. It looks beautiful in that picture. I don't think I've tasted pomegrantes. But I definitely should try them judging by the photo.

  10. Mm! I LOVE lychee & pomegrantes! So yummy! such a lovely blog you have here! ♥

  11. P.S. if you would like to view my blogs just e-mail me ♥

  12. I've never seen a fresh lychee in the states. Lovely. Kiwi and pomegrantes abound,though.

  13. Wow those colours are so amazing and in everyday places. Nice finding indeed.

  14. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Golly that is a pretty edible object! Puts me in the mood for eating lychee too!


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