March 21, 2009

Ladette to Lady

need help in becoming a lady?
well do i have the perfect book for you!
i found a bunch of vintage books at the thrift store yesterday - all about Etiquette!

We have 'Knowledge a young woman should have' which includes a chapter on 'The Corset and its Effects'
(oh dear! did you know constipation is one of them) What jolly good fun!

we also have a Womans Weekly pamphlet on Wedding Etiquette,
and 'Etiquette for Ladies - a guide to the Observances of Good Society' with info on what is expected of a Lady (important!!)
We also have 'Table & Domestic Etiquette' which points out what all maids & manservants should know - how to lay out a breakfast table and how to carve correctly, the proper way a parlour-maid should open the front door ( it should be always opened wide and not a mere few inches, which is very bad form).

a good society has changed huh?
i think its so great we can relax and be free in what we say & do, that we can laugh so hard that we sometimes snort then laugh even more
that music can stir up emotion so much that we get up and dance like a crazy chick...
still some things I hope will never change - little things like being honest , kind, saying 'thank you' and 'please', I think having good manners will never date...what do you think?

*images from Australian Vogue
bottom lilac flowers from my garden*


  1. Nice pictures!

    Yeah, good manners are important!:)

    Love ur flowers too!

  2. What a find. I love those books. They're a hoot to read. And that's a Vogue spread I had on my blog recently too. I thought of you as soon as I saw it. It's fabulous isn't it? Did you watch Ladette to Lady. I saw the first episode and the last - as a Girl Guide leader I was wondering about the crossover. I am sure many parents put girls into my unit hoping for some Ladette to Ladylike transformation. I think they'd be sorely disappointed, but might get stronger, more adventurous and self-reliant girls. I think that "love yourself" mantra was what I got from the two episodes.

  3. They sound like a good laugh:)

  4. Nice flowers, your blog is very pretty.

    Sonia Style, Brazil


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