April 18, 2009

Baking + Drawing....
Its Greek Easter this weekend so Andrew and I are hosting Easter lunch tommorow - its been a busy past few days trying to clean the house and look after the boys who are both on school holidays! hard work!
On Thursday my sis and I went over to our parents to make our traditional Flaounes (Cypriot Easter pies) we didnt make as many as we normaly and we've eaten quite a few so not too many left right now...
I even found some time to draw....did this last night before we headed off to Easter mass and

and did this one last week....
flickr group.
have a fun weekend my friends!!


  1. Beautiful drawings and yummmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I love your drawings.Happy Pascha to you too!

  3. Happy Greek Easter to you! Love your drawings:)

  4. those pies look so delicious and I really love your drawings!

  5. Super stylish drawings! Happy Greek Easter - the little pastries look scrummy!

  6. The drawings are good. The detail is fantastic. Happy Greek Easter.

  7. did you eat that yummu sweet bread with the red aggs baked into it? yum, reminds me of my childhood neighbours who always bought it over for Greek Easter.

  8. I meant "yummy" and "eggs" hehe

  9. Ohh yes I forgot it was Greek Easter last weekend. I love the food you have =)
    Those drawings are amazing! I adore the first one! That is fantastic! I have to look at that flickr group just out of inspiration.
    Thanks for the link to that video. It's absolutely beautiful! I love that style of filming. Definitely added to faves on my youtube.
    And lol I haven't really played with the letterpress yet. But I did have a go before I bought it. Though it was all set up for me and it's great fun....

  10. Happy Greek Easter, I hope I am not too late. I hope you have lots of delicious things to eat and spend time with your loved ones. Carla

  11. Your baking always have me drooling...and the drawings, love the details.


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