April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!
Hope you all had a lovely time!
Greek Easter is next week so we get to do it all over again but im steering away from the chocolate eggs this time....i think ive
overdosed on the sweet stuff!
Back to work tommorow but then im off for the rest of the week...ive got a lot on with both boys being at home and some Greek Easter prepartions too...
Just wanted to let you know that Christine featured me on her blog and so I made some retro girly tags for a giveaway too - would love for you to enter! here is the link


  1. An early Happy Easter to you Anastasia. Our Cypriot neighbors gave us a loaf of the sweetish braided Greek bread (no eggs tho) while it was still warm. Yuuuummm.

  2. I haven't had any Easter chocolate! Not on purpose either. Hmm, I may have to hunt for the Easter chocolate sale today, hee hee.

  3. Great interview and gorgeous tags as always :)

  4. I really enjoyed the interview. I feel like I know a whole lot more about you now.

    Gorgeous tags. I hope you do get to make a full time business from your paper goodness. I'm sure you will.

  5. Hope you had a wonderful break! Tags are beautiful and a great interview too:)

  6. gorgeous tags...
    i think i have overdosed on cadbury's
    i say this as i'm still stuffing another piece in....

  7. Such cute things! The yellow tote bag is so pretty!

  8. Must be a fun time to have two Easters :)


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