May 2, 2009

Pops of Colour
Australian fashion designer Arabella Ramsay's home was featured in
'Instyle' magazine.
Some gorgeous rooms!
I love how the neutral background and furniture make all the colours in her possessions pop!
A pink rug! how striking is that!
now its got me rethinking my cremes whites and blues....

have a FAB weekend everyone
hope you're all upto some cool things, apart from dinner out tonight we're taking it easy at home - i like that!

*images via Instyle australia*


  1. What a gorgeous home!? I like reading Instyle and I almost bought it too!
    This weekend, watched Wolverine last night! It was good. And today went to some wedding venues and tomorrow after church will go to the Stitches and Craft show hopefully. Hope yours is great!

  2. yeah Instyle is fun - i like it now with the new editor!
    hope you had a great weekend - sounds like your wedding plans are going well!! how was the stitches & craft show?


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