June 16, 2009

EyeSpy: My Perfect Invention

This week's theme is
'my perfect invention' and i have to say im not that innovative but what i would like is a twinkling nose that makes magic happen - like cleaning up after a crafty night or putting away the clothes after ironing (ironing I can handle - packing away is hard!!)

C'mon surely with all the ground breaking technology someone would come up with something to help us out here right??

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Im off to the grocery store - the pantry is bare...catch you all later!


  1. Ooh your crafty space looks super lovely!
    A twinkling magic nose would be helpful (& really ought be invented by now).

  2. If you ever sort out the twinkling nose thing, let me know. I'll buy two!! :P
    Some gorgeous looking tags you've got sitting on your desk there. Must be time for another peek at your shop methinks :)

  3. Oh those chores just get in the way of the crafty fun! Your table looks like a fun place with all the pretty paper treasures. The twitchy nose would be perfect for me too!

  4. That would be very sweet I'm sure. I love seeing your WIP's and seeing all your lovely creations.

  5. Anastasia! Thank-you so much for that link! I absolutely adore it! It's exactly my taste, and those colours are very close to what ours will be! :D


  6. I totally agree with you. A robot would be good to take care of all the household chores :)

  7. now i have the 'bewitched' theme song in my mind! lovely blog.

  8. I spent an hour and a half last night, trying to sort out and detangle a monumental glob of foldover elastic...I sure could have used that invention! lol

  9. Oh my - you have read my mind what a fantastic invention - or you could just not have children - I reckon you could be really tidy then


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