July 7, 2009

its freezing in Sydney! my fingers and toes are almost frozen and im trying so hard to keep warm!
I did drag myself to Jazzercise tonight and was a little embarrassed to find a full class...i almost convinced myself that no one does excercise during winter!
Last week i popped into Spotlight who were having a crazy 2 day sale and found some lovely wool - i have no idea what Im going to crochet yet but I thought since I bought this fun brooch,
' I heart to crochet' from SophieIsobel a few months ago
i had better get stuck into a new winter project!
I love the look of THIS
and the whole 'granny a day' flickr group is inspiring, they've probably all warming up under their granny square throws already!

What about this cute Crochet dress featured in last months Vogue!
yes, crochet is in Vogue people!
i think the squid hat is adorable too...or is that an octopus?


  1. How gorgeous are those crocheted outfits - amazing. Can't wait to see what the wool becomes.

  2. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this post. Crochet dress in Vogue is really spectacular.

  3. Hey! I'm a member of Etsygreetings team and boy am I glad that I checked out your blog --> very nice!! :-)

  4. Mmm, the wool is so pretty - I love the colours you chose.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with it. There is lots of crochet inspiration out there! Those vogue numbers are awesome. hooray for crochet :)

  5. I have been spending hours fondling wool in spotlight and Lincraft too!
    It must be the weather.
    I cant crochet though, my mum was a great crocheter and made me a full dress once!
    I'm a big fan of sophieisobels work too.

  6. And right about here I say Ahhhh, kick back in my teeshirt and light skirt, and remember the upside of that horrible move overseas. :lol:

  7. So so pretty! Wish I could crochet. Maybe this weather will entice me to learn sometime. I adore that peachy coloured crocheted dress in Vogue! I adore that brooch.

  8. I loved that photo shoot in Vogue, plus the model's Mum is a Brisbane Brown Owl!!!

  9. I wish I could crochet! I love knitting, but during summer time I don't feel like doing it. :)


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