August 11, 2009

Black Feature Walls....
ive noticed more magazines featuring rooms that have solid black or dark walls? you think its too harsh?
or does it create a cocoon-like atmosphere thats cosy and warm...

It sure looks great with other bright colours & makes the features pop!
theres a really modern graphic feel about it!
I quite like it!

* All images from Domino magazine which sadly is no longer around but there is a Domino group on Flickr so head that way for more FAB images*


  1. Wow, I think it looks great in those pics...but I know I'd never be able to bring myself to do it in my own house! I'd just be too scared. It's lovely, though!

  2. I think it looks amazing! I think we would go for it..but it always freaks me out that the room won't be light enough..and my eyes get all wonky when its dark.

  3. I think it can look beautiful but I don't know if I would like it for myself. I know my daughter would love it. I do love black and maybe.

  4. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Oh I love the last photo.I have a wine color in my home.Its dark and I have lots of white with it and some sage greens and golds.Im not into modern at all.Lovin that bottom pic.

  5. I lost the comment I just left. Having trouble with blogger this morning.

    Anyway, I was just reading about black walls in Inside Out yesterday and wondering the same things.

    I think I quite like the idea of a feature wall.

  6. Looks great, might try it one day!

  7. Anonymous11:23 PM

    It looks fantastic, I think the key is not to overdo it. One of my favorite make-over projects was one of a NY apartment done in all black and white. Nice post Anatasia.

  8. I like the black wall look... maybe just one big wall and, yeah, bright shots of colour would def. need to be part of the mix.
    We always talk about doing one wall in the kitchen with black board paint for drawing, menu, list jotting. Probably should just do it!!

  9. thebutterflycollector.typepad.com4:43 PM

    oh I just love! Especially the one with birds!

  10. your blog.

  11. Anonymous4:58 AM

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