August 6, 2009

EyeSpy: A Collection

So how much of 'something' do you need before it becomes a collection?
i never really considered myself a collector but maybe I should as I seem to have a lot of 'stuff' that means a lot to me....

i do love vintage childrens books and have quite a few lovely ones but I dont buy as many these days as we seem to have run out of space in our home and on the bookshelves.

I also love vintage swap and playing cards, the images are darling so if I find any at the flea market or thrift shop I scoop them up and take them home, these are small so easy to store away in a safe place!
Ebay is also a good place to hunt for vintage cuteness but I tend to go a little crazy sometimes with my bids so i try to avoid it heheee


  1. I love your vintage collections. I love the swap cards and playing cards and that looks like a good collection to start. I really do want to start a collection =)

  2. What a wonderful collection!

  3. yes, where is that line where it becomes collecting ... and then hoarding????

  4. Sweet cards! I must be blind because I've never seen these for sale at my local op shops (thrift stores).

  5. I have never seen these before, they are so lovely, I can see how you couldn't stop at one.

  6. I spy a Hollie Hobby (I think that's her - with the little boy in the suit?)

    Love these swap cards.

  7. Cool cards! I still have my whole swap card collection from when I was in primary school. Hasn't been added to in years. I sure don't see them around here anywhere which is a shame. I love the Sarah Kaye designs still. They are making a comeback in other things now. I have that one with the little girl & the balloon! Now it just makes me want to go & find them & play with them! But I think they are in the roof at the moment. I will find them when we move though that is for sure!


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