September 9, 2009

comfort or style

can you have both?
yes? No?....maybe

when it comes to travelling and shoes, comfort is definetely the best option.
Firstly i dont want to overpack (ive learnt that lesson many times and Im not going to repeat my mistakes)
so Im limiting myself to 3 pairs
*worn in flats with a sturdy sole
*worn in low wedged leather peep toes for evening
and worn in plain white converse sneakers

'worn in' is the key word here....i thought about buying some new flashy ballet flats to take but i know my feet, they'd be squriming trying to get used to their new protectors, crying for rest and a little love and while its a great excuse to sit at a local cafe and people watch I wont have time to deal with sore feet!
Im sure I'll be doing some shoe shopping over there anyway...
Last night I was checking out 'Roof top bars and eateries in NYC' but Ive just looked at the 10day weather forecast and looks like lots of rain ahead ....oh well, one thing you cant change or control is the weather - lets go with the flow!

*illustrations by me
Spring in your step and Beatnik dance*


  1. I love your drawings.

    Also the attention to detail in your packing - I can relate to that!


  2. the right shoes can make or break a holiday. I'm with you- worn in- well tested is the key!!!

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Such beautiful pictures and sweet drawings! Everything about it is adorable.

  4. Good choice. Worn in is the key word here. And 3 pairs sound fine. And overpacking. Ugh! Never do that. Love your drawings and very excited for you!


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