September 5, 2009

Twin Beds...
both my boys currently share a room and i love that they chat before dozzing off.
Peter always sleeps 5 seconds after hitting the pillow, Neo my little one takes much longer ...singing, tossing, turning, asking for water
... again in the morning their conversation amongst each other wake me up....
My sister and I shared a room until i was 15 - we did go through the 'this is my space and you're not allowed over this line' stage but looking back now it was fun to have some one to talk to late into the night, we also had matching bedspreads that we'd change with each season.

Some of these twin rooms are great for a 'guest room' but which home has a spare room that isnt cluttered? our spare room/study is bursting at the seams and always needs a good clean out!

Its Fathers Day over here in Australia today - happy day to all the dads! we're off to a lunchtime BBQ at my parents and then evening dinner with my inlaws!
have a fabulous day everyone!!

*Top image via Flickr
*middle image - Domino magazine
*Bottom image - Country Living magazine


  1. My grandsons share a room and it is a happy chatter at bedtime..HA HA ..Sometimes too much.. but certainly does create a special bond. I enjoyed the blog.

  2. I use to share a room with my sister and I can relate to what you are saying. Its such fun to have a buddy to share everything with.

  3. Those rooms are gorgeous, my boys share too, I always shared with a sister!

  4. we have just bought twin beds for our boys and are about to out them in the same room! Not sure how bed time is going to work yet, but I'm sure we will muddle through it! They both seem to end up in our bed most of the time though! Love IMAGES!!!

  5. Love these photos Anastasia! My boys share (in bunks) and they love it (well mostly).

  6. I shared with my sister until I was 17. I look back & think about all the valuable things I learned via the experience.

    And now my girls are doing the same!!

  7. Wishing you a great family day! Enjoy!
    I am always thinking over the idea of a dormitory for the children. They don't really need a room to play because they are playing all over the house. We once had a pure sleep-and housework-room and it worked out great. Maybe one have to change from time to time. I'd love to have somebody to talk to next to me as a child...

  8. I feel privileged to know that I never had to share a room but I'm sure it would have been a fun experience. Love those rooms.


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