October 20, 2009

blogtoberfest Day 20: new blog meme

a new weekly game to play....'My place and Yours'
over at Pip's groovy blog...come join in!

this week's theme is 'On the Shelf''
here we are in my kitchen - some of my cookbooks im always adding to my collection so Id love to know whats your current favourite cookbook?....do share....
lots of tea cups and mugs too!
have a fun day....


  1. I love all of those cups and mugs!

  2. I love your collection of cups and mugs. And I want those cookbooks. I've flicked through the Tessa Kiros cookbooks many times and I so love them.

  3. my favorite cookbook is which ever one inspires my husband to make me one of his yummy creations!! :)

  4. Oh yes! Loving the little shrine to Ms Kiros! Those books are as much about the images as the recipes, to me anyway. I love them too! Sweet little cups you have, Ms A! I'm so chuffed you're joining in! xx

  5. What pretty shelves!

    I do love Nigella Lawson's _Domestic Godess_, especially for the Apple Chutney recipe, which I've been making for 11 years, and the amazing cranberry & orange Christmas muffins, which helped carpenters finish work on our house in time for xmas last year! I love those Apples for Jam / Falling Cloudberries books too - their kinda irresistible.


  6. such pretty cups, just what I would imagine would be in your cupboard, AC

  7. hooray for tessa kiros!

    and a visual feast of a blog

  8. Nice book collection I have falling cloudberries and apples for jam cook books too, these cook books are just divine


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