November 25, 2009

EyeSpy: Joy

Birthdays are always Joyful and today its my
Peter's 7th Birthday!!
so i made some freshly baked cupcakes with declicious chocolate frosting for his class....just in time for morning recess, all the kids were happy to have a sweet treat!
(my frosting tip: i add a few tablespoons of nutella to the icing - adds a nice flavour!)

have a joyful day!!


  1. Happy 7th Birthday! Lucky boy, they are trying to phase out the bringing in of cupcakes at our school. Such a shame, everyone loves it. I'll be trying the Nutella tip next batch I make!

  2. Aww Happy birthday to your boy! I'm sure the kids loved the cupcake treats. Hmm Nutella sounds great for icing. Thanks for the tip and hope your boy has a great day!

  3. Happy birthday little man.

  4. This looks absolutely yummy....

  5. Hope his birthday wishes came true...Seven is a lovely place to be.
    can't go wrong with sprinkled cupcakes! I'm definately trying the nutella frosting - sounds extra yummy.

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