November 20, 2009

Im dreaming of a Pink Christmas......

Some new Gift tags and Flat notecard sets in my SHOP now....
oh yes, and a slice of that pretty pink cake would be nice too please!

* Cake image from Martha Stewart ( you didnt think I made it did you?)*


  1. I love that cake. It looks so good. And your new tags are very cute. I think I will need some for this Christmas.

  2. That cake is just too beautiful!

  3. your tags are adorable!
    ohhh, and that cake..seriously, what a wonderful looking cake, too good to eat.

  4. Your tags are so sweet. I'm sure you could whip up a cake just like that! Mine would have little pokey finger holes in that gorgeous icing! LOL

  5. These are just lovely, I've been on the lookout for some vintage cards and tags. Just great!

    I have looked at some previous posts and have seen some other great Etsy finds. Thank you.


  6. love your tags!!! My sister made that cake for my niece's third birthday ... a pink party!!! It was delicious and very pretty!!! We had every pink food you could think of and we all had to wear pink too! Dad came in a pink feather boa! It was great! Hope you are having a fabulous wednesday! Shae xo

  7. the pink cakes looks delish


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