November 3, 2009

My place and yours....
a little catch up
two themes in one post!

my bedside table - there's always books and magazines...(by the end of the week, clothes too!)
Love the cute little elephant ornament that was given to Peter as a baby.
I keep it here as I dont want the boys to break it...
i used to sleep on the other side closer to the window but had to change after I got pregnant with my boys as this side is closer to the toilet...ive been here since!

and my gets a little lonely here in the spare room...i think i might invest in a laptop someday....
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  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Beautiful lamp I like your very organised blogging HQ :)

  2. Blogging headquarters does look organised.

  3. Cute little elephant...

  4. you look so organised! i wouldn't be game to put my blogging/sewing area on display - would take too long to clean and organise first. love the lamp too :)

  5. Looks great. I always have books scattered everywhere. I hope you are able to get a lap top one day. They are so handy.

  6. I totally love your blog, it is so avant-garde. I'm now following you via rss feed, I bet you'll love mine and follow me too! ;)


  7. hmmmm.... perhaps I should post a pic of my bedside table on my blog - there's a veritable mountain of books there

  8. Wow. Who is that Maison guy?! He's quite handsome, no?!

    Now : I think your blog HQ looks lovely Anastasia! I guess you could say lonely... or you could say it's a hideaway just for you. And then it doesn't feel so lonely, right? It feels more like a secret creative cave!

    Thank you for playing this week, Miss! xx

  9. very organised spaces there with lots of goodies-my bedside table is never that tidy!love peter's little elephant

  10. oh girls my BlogHQ is really NOT that organised - i did clear up and dust too (whats up with computers and dust?!) and most of the clutter is on the other side of the room haha not a pretty sight!

  11. haha Pip - i have no idea who he is...
    lets click and find out....we might all get a (nice) suprise!


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