November 9, 2009

Ohhh i hadnt realised its been so long since I blogged, life has been busy and with 7 weeks until Christmas (can you believe it?!) Im sure its going to just get crazier...
Neo had his kindergarten orientation last week, can't believe my baby is going to 'big school' next year!
When the boys drive me up the wall I need to
stop and think how fast the days, weeks and years go by...they'll be grown men before I know it!! Eeek!!!

i've got a few Christmas-y things in my Shop but hope to add more soon, its looking a little like Mother Hubbard's empty cupboard but
its just finding some spare time to sit and create ( oh and to stop procrastinating!!)

some other exciting news - Ive got a new stockist for my Retro tags - a brand new online shop 'Collection of Cool' , that launched this past Friday - go have a look at their lovely items!


  1. jingle bells! jingle bells! Oh I can't wait for xmas..the tags are cute Anastasia! xxx

  2. The tags are really cute!

  3. Those labels are so sweet!

  4. cute little tags, ooooh Big School (Sob)

  5. Love the tags. And how exciting that Neo is going to be in school!
    It's crazy to think Christmas is only 7 weeks away. How scary. Eeep!

  6. P.S. I answered your q on my blog but in case you don't see it's only 75 days to go!

  7. wait! seven weeks until Christmas..? I gotta sit down... nice to have your lovely tags to look at while I absorb the shock!!

  8. Love the snow men :)

  9. Loving the cute tags! Have a sweet day!

  10. Christmas really is getting close. Your tags are just gorgeous. Hope you find lots of creative time and energy in the lead up.

  11. so, so cute! i really can't believe christmas is so close, but i have fiona's and dave's birthdays to think about first!

  12. I love this Christmas card. Brilliant indeed.

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