December 13, 2009

catching up.... What a lazy weekend ive had! ive been catching up with things as i was away with work for two days last week.

Its so great that the company i work for invests in personal development & training for their staff...they really thrive on having a blue cultured company and its not always easy but hey sometimes you just need that motivational kick to get things going again

We all had a great time...lots of team bonding and lots of laughs - we stayed in the company owners' family beach house - stunning home and location! just lovely!!

So its almost 10 days until Christmas and Ive been a tad slow this year, the tree is up at least and today i wrapped Christmas gifts that need mailing overseas and some gifts for the boys teachers...i also cut out some paper doves, i tried a few different papers but think they look best in this thick texturised paper...not sure what I'll do with them - maybe I'll cut out some more and make a garland to hang on the door or maybe gift toppers??

anyway back to work tommorow so its an early nights sleep for me! nighty night...see you all soon!


  1. lovely, lovely doves - enjoyed your post as I am also having a lovely lazy weekend...

  2. Sounds like a great weekend away! A beach house oh yeh!
    Those doves are very pretty. I think a garland would be amazing! Or they would be cute as gift toppers too :)

  3. Hola Anastasia !
    I am Anastasia from Argentina, Buenos Aires.

    I found your blog casually while I was searching opinions of my country from non local people.

    I like your estetic style and cassually again, the same movies that you have mentioned on your profile.

    Well, Have a great new year and congratulations for your blog.

    From Argentina,

  4. Very nice doves you have made and I am thinking it to apply on my one of the dress which is whole pink and I want to make a white like this in.



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