January 19, 2010

Award season
Last night I settled in and watched The Golden Globes - i love escaping for 2-3hours engrossed in a good movie or tuning in to see a good drama TV series (Mad Men!) so the award shows are always a treat .... of course its great to see all our favourite celebs styled up for the night!

I was thrilled to see British actress Carey Mulligan nominated for her lead role in
'An Education' - this was the last film i saw at the cinema ( i need to get out more) , we were actually going to see Michael Moore's, Capitalism: A Love Story
but they had taken it off that week and replaced it with 'An Education'
no loss as we all really enjoyed this coming of age movie which is based on a true story.
Carey didnt win last night but the film is definetely worth watching if you get a chance!
*here are some visual scenes from 'An Education' found on google images*


  1. Oh lovely, weren't the dresses amazing this year. Loved Jennifer Garner especially. How funny was Ricky Gervais?? Do you have his children's books, Flanimals - brilliant, your boys would LOVE them. My best friend posts them out from England, tongue twisters so perhaps not for after dinner reading, earlier in the day!! Love Posie

  2. I really wanted to see that film at the cinema, but missed out. Will have to wait for it on dvd x

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