January 5, 2010

Sweet treats in NYC...

im in an 'Empire State of Mind' (love that song!)
as Ive been reminiscing about our trip to NYC whilst (finally) uploading all my pictures onto Flickr.

Did I mention how obessed NYC is with their cupcakes...there's cute cupcake shops enticing you in with the smell of something delicious and long lines of people (it must be good!)
their nolstagic interior details have you believe you're in nanna's kitchen and she is baking just for you and only you!

we had to try 'Magnolia Bakery' (as you do when in NYC),
there's 'Crumbs' and 'Babycakes' which offer sugar free & gluten free varieties.
I adored Billy's Bakery in Chelsea - the pics here are at Billy's - the frosting corner was so fun to watch!
But there's other sweet treats that we discovered too - Eleni's cookies
at Chelsea Markets ( too elegant to eat),
Doughnut Plant for yeasty treats and Amy's Bread which had a tiny shop around the corner from the apartment we were renting

There was also 'Milk & Cookies' - we discovered this cute shop whilst doing a 3 hour
'food tour of Greenwich Village' - the tour was SO fun, we highly recommend it to anyone planning a visit to the big apple!
i wanted to try traditional New York treats too so visited H&H Bagels and across the road to Zabars for breakfast some mornings.
oh it was all so much fun...last September seems so long ago - now all is left is our photos and lovely memories
...anyway here I am, trying to detox from Sugar after the festive season and all im thinking about is cupcakes and cheesecake
ha...think i will go make some black tea!


  1. gorgeous pics! I thought the top one was a pottery studio at first! HNY xxx

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I Love NYC - looks like a yummy trip. Fantastic photos.

  3. lovely sweet pics....wish i was living in NY...love the city!! xoxo

  4. I love cupcakes! Maybe I need to plan a trip to NYC just for them...

  5. You're making me crave cupcakes and other sweet delights with these photos! I will have to visit these places one day I think :)

  6. NYC is great! I moved to the northeast from the midwest and I love the cupcakes too! I tried all the places you listed and I just love Crumbs especially how they name their cupcakes, like Artie Lange! Hilarious!

  7. nest time you have to go to puredark , a chocolate shop down the street from magnolia... a much more esoteric experience!

  8. mmmm. cupcakes. i really need one now.
    i will have to put those places on my to-go list when we make it to NYC. :)

  9. Your blog is absolutely amazing!
    I am so glad I found it...


  10. Oh, it is so lovely and I like it too. Thanks a lot for the the sweet treat. I am at new to NY and studying in NYIT for MS in Computer Science. In search of new good friends to go for treat and enjoyment.
    r4 kort

  11. We, in the UK only seem to be picking up on the cupcake trend recently, starting off with the trendy London...perhaps it'll catch on? looks delish!


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