February 19, 2010

The House Dress

My latest retro girl Gift tag set is a little tribute to the simple
Housedress - pretty but never precious!
Woman of past generations were used to wearing these light, comfortable dresses when doing their daily house chores, my Grandmother still has a wardrobe full of them!

A cool Housedress would be perfect for dull sticky days like today!

*Top image found here
Gift tags in my shop now *


  1. Oh so cute - I want one of these dresses! You're right, it would be so nice and cool during the weather at the moment!

  2. I remember my Mum and grandmother having house dresses...we seem to have lost a bit of their practicality over the years haven't we..bring it back so we can be comfy again!

  3. You know there is a German version of these. They were called: Kuechenschuerze (translates into kitchen apron). It was like an aprondress. My mother wore them in the 70s. Now I wish I had saved one! It would be cool to wear in the summers here.
    Great picture and post! Love your labels, too!

  4. That top image is beautiful, so girly and relaxing.
    Love your tags as always.

  5. I love the image of the house overgrown with trees. You have a lovely blog that I'm now following.

  6. you know what else was awesome? the house coat! my grandma wears hers all the time.

  7. these gift cards are ADORABLE!!!

  8. WOOWWW I love these gift tags they are gorgeous!


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