June 24, 2010

List making

Are you a list maker?
I am!
Life shouldnt be all about making lists but I quite enjoy it wether its a simple 'To do' list for the day or excitement preparing for a trip, i like to jot down what I plan to take, wear, what needs to be dealt with at home before we head off and what we'll do when we get there.
I also do lists of books to read, websites to visit, dreams to achieve and of course boring weekly shopping lists ....its always a great feeling when you can tick off against your list.
Knowing you've completed or achieved something is the best thing about list making!

i spotted this book about Lists on a design blog and it featured this amazing list by Harry Bertoia - its so beautiful dont you think? (click to see in detail)

Harry Bertoia “May-Self Rating Chart” School Assignment
1 p. excerpted, handwritten

Sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia (1915–1978) was just fifteen years old when he moved from Italy to the United States to live with his brother, Oreste. Two years later, struggling to assimilate as a student at the Elizabeth Cleveland Intermediate High School in Detroit, he made this list of personal attributes as part of an illustrated booklet titled My Career.
Though Bertoia is hard on himself — only scoring “excellent” in health, neatness, and accuracy — in My Career he states his claim to be an artist.


  1. Ah yes, AC, I too am a list maker of sorts. I have always made a "to pack" and "to see" list when I go on holidays and I have found that writing "to do" lists helps to organise me during my day.
    I don't always tick everything off my lists, but it's a start to being more organised and less stressed, LOL.

  2. Hi AC I make lists all the time. I do one every morning for the day. I saw this fabulous little book for making special lists in Kikki K. It's on there website if you want to check it out:)

  3. I always write lists so that I don't forget what I need to do.......... and then I forget where I put the list. :) Cute lists. Those glasses (top pic) are very similar to mine. :)

  4. I'm all about To-Do Lists! Nothing is better when you can cross off the last item on a To-Do List...and then start another one :)

  5. I'm a definite list maker. I list everything! And usually with a paper and pen. Although I use my iPhone when I'm in bed and can't be bothered to get up.

    The list by Harry Bertoia is beautiful. His writing is just amazing and it such an interesting project. x

  6. Wow, those are the cutest glasses, where did you get them?

  7. Oh I love making lists :)

    Love the book you found, I really like to see how others apply their lists to their lives, thanks for sharing,

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  8. Lists keep me on track with life! Have a lovely weekend! x

  9. ... adding to my own to-do list: learn calligraphy!

    So beautiful! Working through the lists follows my moods- when I'm happy and on a roll, each complete task has a happy checkmark next to it... when I'm stressed and need to hustle, I scribble through the entire item.


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