September 21, 2010

A busy day...
Not having a kitchen is making me fat!
we had takeout Pizza for the second time in 4 days! Shhh..dont tell my mother as she did offer to cook up something to bring over but I told her not to worry, we'd be fine and then I made a quick call to our local just tired, ive had a busy day
and i want my house back in order!

Tommorow is even busier!!
The kitchen guys are coming back, im off to work, my father goes into hospital for Sinus surgery, Andrew will finish work early be there to see him awake, I finish work - pick up my mum, head on over to the hospital - in the meantime my inlaws will be dropping off and picking up the boys....I wont see them until late in the evening - i have no idea whats for dinner tommorow??
....phew! exhausted??
yeah me too...

Images from Domino Magazine - seems like whenever i spot gorgeous interior images, they are from the now defunct Domino sad!


  1. good luck with your busy day tomorrow, hope you kitchen gets finished soon :)

  2. Wow that is an exhausting schedule. I think you are going to have to call the Pizza shop for a 3rd time. I find renovating makes me fat too. Which is very annoying when you are using all that energy:(. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I remember being without a kitchen for eight weeks, NO FUN! I feel for you! Just think, soon you'll have a new kitchen. I'm so envious! (ours is 12 years old and overdue for a spruce up!)

  4. Yup, i could quite happily have each of those rooms in my house! Great pictures. So inspiring - the colours are awesome x

  5. oh i miss Domino!! all the good mags seem to disappear!

  6. Hi Anastasia, thanks for stopping by my blog, really appreciate it! And oh, I can totally relate...when we bought our house we spent 2-3 weeks painting and getting the floors done and although we had a kitchen we didn't have time to cook so we ate lots of takeaway and became a bit thick around the waist because of it! We are going to be doing up our kitchen soon too and I'm SO not looking forward to a re-run!!

  7. I'm pretty sure your kitchen would be gorgeous once it's finished. Looking forward to the pictures! Kellie xx

  8. I totally know what you mean...well, we're not having our kitchen redone, but when we're too busy and then too tired to cook something, we order takeout too, hehe! It's a fun treat sometimes :) I bet your kitchen will look awesome. Love these photos, by the way.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished project. Good luck with those pizzas!


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