March 30, 2010

a little bit of Mick

well i dont think id put him up on my walls
but this dining room featured in Instyle UK,
does look very moody ( in a good way)...
there is something very appealing about a young Mick Jagger

*Top image - Instyle UK
* Middle - Mick and Chrissie Shrimpton (sister of Jean Shrimpton), dated 1963-1966
*Bottom - Mick and Marianne Faithfull, 1966-1970

March 28, 2010

7 things
the lovely Amanda tagged me to post 7 random things about me
ive done these kind of posts before here and here
and some more if I keep searching back...
so here are 7 very random things

1) reading: 'Brideshead revisted'
love the penguin paperbacks and at $10 a pop, such an affordable treat

2) lunch today was a byzantine snack (i was still full from dinner last night!)
homemade babaganoush, olives and crusty torn bread - delicious!

3) my darling Grandmother Evridiki, became a grandmother (yiayia in Greek) for the first time at age 39!
which is the age I am now...Eeek!

4) on Friday night my sister and I took our mum to see Julio Iglesias, in concert - it bought back many childhood memories as my mum would play his records all the time!
we all had a fantastic night...

5) Ive got some fun new cards on offer over at Leeloo and Angela has posted an interview with me on the Leeloo blog! have a look if you like!

6) i love Pomegranates - my parents have a tree in their garden so im a lucky girl!

7) here is my babaganoush recipe:-
2 eggplants (roasted and skinned)
Juice of 2 small lemons
3 tablespoons Tahini paste
1 -2 large garlic cloves
good drizzle olive oil
Blitz it all up in the blender - add salt to taste

have a FUN Sunday!!

March 24, 2010

Etsy picks of the week

Window shopping is something i enjoy - a cappucino in one hand and lots of free time ahead
Pretty windows displays....tempting me inside..

for our little window shopping expedition we
we need a comfy outfit

and a stack of bangles
for a touch of fun!
*Top image by Ellen Von Unwerth for Lula mag*

March 21, 2010

Birds & Butterflies
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

im feeling super tired and sadly have a very mean headache ...maybe i just need a strong coffee to make me perk up!
my little one is taking a nap, my eldest is on the laptop and my big boy hubby is snoring away on the couch....
its been a lazy Sunday afternoon at our house...

these bird & butterfly images are inspiring,
hope you like them too!

Top - Country Home mag (dreamy!)
Middle images - a peak at Jasna Janekovic's home (gorgeous!!!) on Sfgirlbybay
Bottom - Country Living , stylist Liz Demos' bedroom ( so cosy!!)

March 19, 2010

Pretty floral tags
Last week i found some lovely rolls of vintage wallpaper borders at the local Op shop and thought they'd look nice as Gift tags for my etsy shop
Love the spotty floral design!!

...i then realised the colours were very similar to the Collette Dinnigan ruffle maxi dress in my illustration for ' A FaShionable Challenge'!
dont you think so?

March 17, 2010

March 16, 2010

The Observer

"its not something I deliberately cultivate but i think there are people who want to be looked at. As a writer or an observer, Im more interested in looking"
- Sophia Coppola
(i can relate to that, i much prefer to observe than to be in the spotlight....)

*All images found via Google images*

March 15, 2010

She's got legs.....

How cute is this image??
i used to own a pair of red 'happy shoes' when i was about 10 - I loved them so much!!
it totally inspired the 'She's got legs' Gift tag set available in my shop now

Top image found here

March 11, 2010

etsy picks of the week

so some exciting news on the home front - we're getting a new kitchen!!
...we're still looking for a new home so even with a planned future sale of our existing home, a new kitchen is still a good thing right?!!
we're still in early stages getting quotes but i do know its going to be a
basic kitchen
and its going to be light
(and bright)
a happy new kitchen!!

my picks this week

an uplifting print - can just imagine this framed in pale wood - a lovely morning greeting!
you are my sunshine screen print
by jessgonacha
vintage china sugar bowl by AliceslookingGlass


Concord Dairy Replica Porcelain Milk Bottles
by alyssaettinger

*kitchen image from apartment therapy*

March 9, 2010

English Rose
there's something about an English garden scene in a fashion mag - am i the only one who loves this type of styling? i can never get bored of it!
I was thinking the other day how id love to visit England again - its been so long (9 years in fact) and although i adore London as a city, id venture out and explore towns and villages ive never seen!
Im currently reading 'Notes from a small island' and am loving marking all the places of interest...(just in case! )

* images by Philip Newton for Easy Living*

March 6, 2010

Colour Combination Challenge

Ariel and Heidi from
Two Happy Stampers blog have started a monthly greeting card colour challenge .

Challenge #1 colours:
Pale Yellow
Kraft Brown

This is what I came up with!
They have now posted challenge #2 so if you like papercrafty challenges go have a look!

have a super Saturday everyone!

Top images - Agnes Lopez photography
Next image - A Creative Mint

March 5, 2010

New in the Shop

lovely Blue & White bakers twine
now available in my shop - spruce up those brown paper packages!
Ive also listed some
embellished twine which can also be used for wrapping gifts or used as a cute garland for any fun home today so hope to sit and craft a little now that Im kid free on my days off!
have a fun day everyone!

March 3, 2010

March 1, 2010

February Giveaway winner

sorry my Giveaway post is a day late this month,
Ive been feeling a little exhausted the past couple of days and this morning i had to drag my sorry self off to work -
so looks like an early night to bed
and Im excited
that Im home tommorow so i plan to get lots of rest!...

the winner this month is
Congrats for being my February giveaway winner!!
will be in touch soon...
have a wonderful evening everyone!
image: Miki Duisterhof for Country Living
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