May 30, 2010

At My House
The 'little house' tea towel - folk love!
ive had this for over 6yrs now but still love it....look at the cat in the tree...cute!!

and last week I made Spanish Turron, (this week Ive been eating it....)
its so moorish!!

and some vintage papers found at my local Old Wares shop....1960's greeting cards, pops of fun colours, childrens vintage book and book of music sheets - love the fonts and front page detail!!
i heart paper ephemera!!
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May 29, 2010

Celebrating Love...

One week to go until our niece Christine and her fiance, Steven celebrate their love by tying the knot ...we're all so looking forward to this special day!
Fingers crossed this weather clears up for a beautiful day but no matter what - rain, hail or shine
the only thing that counts is LOVE!!
some wedding day inspirations
Top image and 3rd image - Oncewed
2nd image - Rebecca Thuss
bottom image - Myrtle and Marjoram

May 25, 2010

isnt this kitchen wonderful!
so quaint and full of character.....ican see 7 different fabric prints that mix!

Will let you know of our kitchen plans real soon...after 4 quotes we've decided who to go with!! (Happy dance!!)
lets get this started already,says me....

kitchen image: my home ideas

May 24, 2010

A Natural State: Ticking, Linens and strong cottons

love the use of these 'old world' fabrics in these images....
they look lived in and very cozy!
Although the tones are quite bland, it certainly doesnt look boring!

Top image by Jason Busch for 'Home Beautiful' magazine
Next two images by Tim James

May 23, 2010

At my House....
its amazing how much you get done when you dont switch that computer on.
are we all addicted to the internet (big guilty nod from me....)
its been cold and wet so ive been indoors all weekend, hubby was complaining we didnt do anything and what a waste of a weekend
but sometimes I love a chance to chill and do 'nothing' if you call crafting, crocheting...drinking lots of tea & coffee, get the idea, right?

oh and I unravelled the crochet cushion and instead started making a scarf...almost done now!

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May 19, 2010

Kasbah Style....
Rocking the Moroccan influence...
its definetely a place Id love to visit and with the upcoming Sex & The City sequel, i think we're all going to go gaga over the landscape, intricate interiors and dazzling colours & prints....not to mention the spices, fragrant sweets and steamy mint tea....for a quick virtual getaway head on over to Maryam's blog for some Moroccan adventures...or visit Table Tonic for beautiful Moroccan blankets and pouffes!

Images: Top - Paris Vogue
2nd Image -Moroccan bathroom by Tim Clarke interiors
3rd image - Moroccan tea set via Vtwonen

May 16, 2010

I see the light
ive been sick with a cold the past week and I cant seem to shake it off...I just
want to open all the windows and let that fresh air in...shoo away all those nasty germs.

There is nothing as beautiful as a home with floods of natural light - its an instant pick me up which is exactly what I need right now!

here are some lovely images with lots of bright light....
top from Desire to Inspire blog, gorgeous bathroom from Coastal Living - id love a long soak....with lots of bubbles
and bright dining room from Country Living

May 15, 2010

At My House....
Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!
Soccer this morning for us (success - both boys team's won!!)
Since we were at a park in Rozelle, i really wanted to visit Rozelle flea market afterwards but the traffic was so congested, parking impossible and my 7yr old was sweaty and hungry so back home we came!

At my house this week, my one & only house plant, which was on the brink of death is now thriving and is looking very happy & healthy!
a bit more Green in the house...(my favourite place to sit!!)
leftover flowers from Mothers Day on my kitchen windowsill
and a batch of lemon biscuits made this afternoon....the house smells SO good!!

for more 'At My house' posts check in over at Lou's blog!!
have a wonderful weekend!

May 13, 2010

Cut + Paste + Embellish
and what do you get?

... pretty paper dress tags
all on their merry way to Retrospections in Sydney!!

(this one's my fav!!)

May 9, 2010

Silver Screen Sirens

I spotted this stunning red Christian Dior number and it instantly reminded me of sultry Screen Sirens and old Hollywood.
Looking back at classic black & white studio shots its hard to think that these glamour girls were so young, they look so grown up and sophisticated....
vintage photos have that sense of Romance...
Such a difference compared to today, where looking youthful seems to be the main priority in Hollywood and sadly everyday life!

I have a long list of favourites screen sirens,
what about you, whose your favourite?

Red Dress and Nails from Christian Dior on
Screen Siren images - Lauren Bacall,
Gene Tierney and Lorretta Young
all from

May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day.....
We're off to a picnic tommorow to celebrate Mothers Day with my family,
so thought id pop in a little early to wish ALL the mums
a wonderful day!!
Image by Kate Powers

May 7, 2010

At My House....
playing along with Lou's 'At My House' meme - i'll try to play along every Friday as its my day off!
I didnt get much done around the house today...had to do some shopping and then renew my drivers license ( my photo looks SO bad... ha! guess im stuck with it for the next five years...)
actually my house needs a good dust & scrub - something to look forward to this weekend (not!)!

here are some things around my home....
Solo Tea Time.
one thing i love to do before School pick-up is make myself a cup of tea.... sipping slowly and in silence. Once the boys are back home there is no silence until bedtime!

and some new wool on sale - perfect for a crochet project - blue , gray teamed with wheat/white... maybe I'll give the throw a go after all!
and a grouping of supplies...trying to get my creativity back! i like this colour combination
*Kraft Brown
Have a super weekend ahead everyone!!

May 5, 2010

May 4, 2010

Rustic Florals

Ive spent the day decluttering
our spare room - its full of stuff!
ive got a huge pile of books and magazines that need to be listed on Ebay...
this has taken all day because I sat and flicked through them first didnt I??

one of the books is
Cath Kidston's 'In Print' she's such a clever gal that Cath,
when it comes to floral prints - just beautiful!
I'll be sad to see the book go but I need to clear room as I had a bit of a shopping spree (Oops!)
over at Amazon...well the dollar is strong and all, and its been a while...(whats a girl going to do!??)

*Top image from Google Images - so pretty!!
* Next two images by Pia Tryde for Cath Kidston
*Bottom image from Cabbages & Roses book*

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