March 22, 2011

a new batch of goodies
heading on their way to Leeloo and the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne!
so if you are down in beautiful Melbourne
this weekend head on over - its sure to be a fun day out - go say 'hello' to Angela at the Leeloo stall!

Speaking of Leeloo have you seen their new look website?
looking good...looking good!

once again its late and way past my bedtime, the house is quiet and its gently raining peaceful...

I still have to put a load of washing on, make tommorow's sandwiches and tidy up before I head off to
bed!...nighty night!
(always burning the candle at both ends!)


  1. Hi Anastasia, Thought I would come over and say hi! Its been ages! Your cards are beautiful! Love the colours! Hope all is well and happy! Shae xo

  2. I really love your new designs. I have seen your paper pretties at the Leeloo stand at the Finders Keepers here in Brissy. Can't wait for it again. And I will check out the revamped leeloo site. x

  3. Love your cards and best of luck selling!

  4. Love the blog! I just found it through etsy blog team, and will bookmark it to visit again!

  5. i love the retro girls! i came across some old sewing patterns & am using the tissue paper to wrap up purchases from my shop. i've been hanging on to the envelopes, though, because they remind me of your goodies!

  6. These cards are just beautiful)))


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